Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April #Ipsy Un-bagging 2014!

Ok, I'll admit at first I wasn't too thrilled with my Ipsy glam room preview. I'm going to be blunt because it's needed. I'm entirely sick of getting lip glosses. I'd rather get mascara than lipgloss every month. I have no need for it. The one by Mary Kay in this month's bag is just as underwhelming as the others, but I'm not a big fan of lip glosses. I adore lip balms and lipsticks, but I don't have the luxury of choosing which kind of lip product I  get. though I can't complain because I do love a good mystery.

 Regardless, the rest of the products make up for that one letdown! Of course,  so did the bag. It was pretty awesome this month, so I am pleased. Ipsy always redeems themselves in some way and it's well worth the subscription for $10, BUT  if that number ever climbed, I could not justify the cost. If you want generous travel and full size samples of up and coming or tried and true products, you need to subscribe to Ipsy!

1. Rainbow Honey Nailpolish-The blue sparkle confetti nail polish is really cute and I love wearing it as a top coat over a dark color.

2. Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion scrub- I'm really not disappointed when I get facial scrubs. I love trying them out and this is one i have been wanting to try. 

3. Mary K at Play jelly lip gloss - Not a fan of lip glosses. Especially the consistency of this one.

4. Demeter Jasmine scented perfume roll on- I'm not a big fan of floral scents, but this one has a sweetness to it I really adore. It's a nice size too. 

5. Urban Decay  24/7 Glide-on black pencil- Um, Urban Decay and black liner, nuff said. It is a really nice eye liner and not too small for travel size. It went on very smooth and stayed put. I will get lots of use out of this beauty! 

The bag- Can we just take a moment to appreciate the awesome design of this bag. I love the artists over at Ipsy. This is one of my favorite bags! 

Stay tuned for May's un-bagging! If you haven't signed up with Ipsy yet, you're down right crazy not to. It's only $10 and that includes s/h! Every bag I have received has at least 2-3 things at the least  I absolutely adore and it is absolutely worth the money! If you get on the Ipsy waiting list through me I will get a special something if I get one other person to sign up as well. You'll get the same when you sign 2 people up! Good Luck! 

#Giveaway for a $50 Visa Gift Card from TollFreeForwarding.com #ad

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Toll free forwarding offers extra toll free numbers for any city and country and forwards calls to your existing number. It's a very useful service for businesses!

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Have you considered #Crossfit training? #ad

Bathing suit season is fast approaching and a lot of us are still working off all that holiday weight gain. If you are a person who likes variety and speed, you may consider Crossfit training. Spectrum clubs is one place that  will help you with your Crossfit training endevour.

Getting into shape can be a big task for many different kinds of people, and every person who is working out needs a different program in order to succeed. However, there are some programs that allow the trainee to get their body in shape on their terms and in their time. 

Crossfit training is designed to put the body to the limits of its endurance. It is a combination of many styles of training that include cardio, kickboxing, weights, and a fast-paced circuit system that simply keeps the body revved up for the entire workout. 

While someone who is training with Crossfit might find the pace a bit fast, there are many people out there who are able to keep up with it by using modified versions of the program designed specifically by trainers in the gym. When unsure how to proceed, a certified trainer can point anyone in the right direction.

Crossfit is getting millions of people in shape, and it is just the kickstart that some people need. The body can be jolted into action, kept working throughout each session, and the trainee will see results very quickly because of the fast pace and smart design of this exercise style.
Sponsored by spectrumclubs

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Introducing Mia Tui-Organize your life on the go! Plus #Win it!

Have you heard of Mia Tui? They're a new brand that started in the United Kingdom and lucky for us, just launched in the United States! 

Mia Tui carries beautiful and very functional purses and bags for busy moms, women in the workforce, travelers and just every day women on the run. They have a bag for every trade in life and they offer crazy organization. You will be amazed at all the extras. They call it the "hobo handbag"and I couldn't have named it better. 

I chose the Sofia purse in the color Aubergine for review. It is a beautiful deep plum. The Sofia is a medium sized bag, with nice roomy straps and an extra removable strap to turn it into an instant messenger bag. I love that feature, because depending where I go I like to wear my purse in different ways. I wish all purses had this option! 

Now into the nitty gritty. The bag measures a roomy 13.7' x 5.1' x 10.6' The inside is lined with a pretty hot pink PU coated in Nylon. You'll find a nifty key holderpen holders, a phone holder, an insulated bottle holder, a see through thick plastic bag for makeup etc. and a clutch pouch with wristlet in the same material and color as the purse. For those times when you don't have to carry that much. It also comes with a removable messenger strap as well. There are lots of compartments to separate everything and even after all that there is still plenty of room in the middle to comfortably fit your ipod, notebooks, books and other things. Never again will you lose your keys or have to dig in the black hole that is your purse. 

Mia Tui bags are made in ultra soft faux leather and come in several different colors and 9 different styles. 

This bag is perfect for both the warmer and cooler months. The best thing about their bags is that they are all water proof inside and out, so you don't have to worry about ruining them in rain or snow! It is made to last with durable hardware and tight contrast white stitching. 

This picture shows the true plum color.
They really didn't leave anything out when creating this awesome bag. I have found myself using this purse over every other one I have lately. It's just so user friendly and helpful. I walk and take transit to a lot of places and this is perfect for that kind of lifestyle. I'm impressed with this bag!
This post was inspired by Mia Tui . I was provided product in exchange for my honest opinion. This review and giveaway is in accordance with FTC guidelines.

I don't even have to ask if you you'd want your own Mia Tui,  because I know you'd love one. So guess what? Now is your chance to win one of your own in the same Sofia style as mine, but in your color choice!

Good Luck!! 

Commenting is Mandatory or you will be disqualified. 

Open to U.S. ONLY

Friday, April 25, 2014

#Win a trip to Hawaii and more! #ad

As an ambassador for World Market I'm excited to share another awesome sweepstakes! 

Do you know a mom that could use a tropical getaway? Enter Cost Plus World Market 's Mom in Paradise Sweepstakes for a chance to win a dream trip to Hawaii and more! Ends 5/16 

Good Luck!!

Kohls $100 Gift card #Giveaway!

A friend and fellow blogger named Greta of  How was your day? is throwing a huge giveaway for a $100 gift card to Kohls!! Check out her new beautiful threads and the different ways she styles them! I'm loving the blue dress! 

Enter the Rafflecopter below and Good Luck to you!!

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Bargain #Yoga accessories and clothing!

This is an informational sponsored post for Clymb. What is your favorite Low impact exercise? Mine is by far, Yoga. I do Viniyoga for people with bad backs, but it still gets the job done. Yoga definitely helps my body and pain and keeps my mind focused. It is a calming and healthy ritual that I could never stop.

Being a huge yoga enthusiast, I am particular about the products that I buy and I don't want to spend a lot on these things. I want to be able to get cute yoga outfits to give me confidence and nice yoga mats that are thick and stay in place, without breaking the bank. These types of yoga mats are very important for staying steady and in position at all times. You don't want to slip and fall during any of it.

Places like The Clymb make it possible to find these products. They have a nice array of yoga products and clothing and up to 70% off retail! Most yoga mats go for $20! They are nice and thick ones too. Nothing cheap. You can find yoga accessories like towels and blocks, for just $8!

They carry popular name brands like Roxy, Soy Bu, Lucy Nau, Carve Designs and more. Their yoga clothing starts at just $15. It's important to be comfortable. You don't want anything sticking or snagging or that doesn't have a lot stretch to it. Nothing binding at all.  You need attire that gives you lots of freedom of movement and something that has a lot of moisture absorption.

Take a look at some of the stylish choices you have:

I love these COLOSSEUM 5 point pocket yoga pants for just $29.98

They are made with lots of stretch and moisture absorption.

• 92% Polyester/8% Spandex
• Moisture management
• Flat seam construction to reduce chafing
• Hidden security pocket
• Body-Con form fitting for better performance & comfort
• Stitch down pleat detail on leg for slimming
• Denim styled yoke construction & back pocketing
• Reflective brand logo

Pair those with a cute yoga tank from MPG for just $14.98 and you're gold. Perfect outfit for an intense yoga workout and you won't feel like you're swimming in your own sweat. 

• Fabric: 93% Nylon 7% Spandex
• Engineered jacquard paneling provides targeted support and ventilation
• Built in bra liner
• Decorative gathering on front
• High-visibility reflective logo
• Tagless comfort
• Fitted silhouette

In addition to yoga products, you can find a lot more outdoor gear, sports accessories and attire at The Clymb. You can also find things you wouldn't expect,  like foods, dresses and messenger bags! So check it out and see how much money you can save! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Introducing #Purex No-sort Detergent! Plus #Giveaway

Do you find it a pain to sort your laundry colors? I know I think it's a nuisance at times. Purex has taken the time you spend sorting and given it back to you to spend on other important things, like yelling at the kids to bring you their dirty laundry. They have created a new detergent called the No-sort Laundry detergent and i'm a fan.

The way it works: The Purex No-sort works in  both HE and Standard machines. It uses the  Anti-Color-Transfer Technology, which traps loose dyes in the wash and prevents them from settling into other fabrics.

My experience and impression: 
I decided to get brave and try a new blue shirt and a while wash cloth together. The result was phenomenal. I am sold. Not one bleed onto the wash cloth and that's a risky dye, that blue. One of the most evil of all bleeders! I am sold.

The Purex No-sort laundry detergent did a bang up job of making it effortless to combine laundry and not worry about colors bleeding into each other. Even though I went against their recommendation of washing new colors ( I'm a rebel ) and going so boldly as to add whites into the mix, it STILL did it's job. If you want to try the test out for fun, be sure to use something you don't mind getting ruined, like the washcloth I used. It's not a miracle worker and I haven't tried new red. I might do that next with the same wash cloth. If you don't feel as brave and I don't blame you, try it out in some clothes that have been washed at least 5 times and experiment galore! Will I use this all the time? Probably not. Some things are just too precious to risk,  BUT it'll come in VERY handy for darks and mediums, which I will now mix those without sorting!

Do you want to try it for yourself? Then enter the Rafflecopter below and/or Enter the Purex sweepstakes, where you have the chance of winning $1000!!  There will  be TWO winners for these coupons! 

Good Luck! 
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#Zoya #nailpolish Exchange! Ends 4-28!

I wait for this every year! The way the Zoya nail polish exchange works is this: You pick up to 24 bottles of NON-zoya polish to send in exchange for 50% off  new nailpolishes! They cost $4.50 , except for Zoy Pixie dust, which is $5. NOW the awesome news is that they go by the honor system so PLEASE when you get your polishes, send up to the same amount of NON-Zoya used polishes back right away so you can participate next year!  OR you can donate them to a facility. See their blog above for more details, but that basically sums it up! Your special code to use for your discount is ZDAY2014

Here is their fine print! "You do not have to send us the exact amount of bottles that you are ordering. You can send any quantity up to that amount. The bottles you send in should be from any other brand - they cannot be Zoya, Qtica or Nocti polishes. We are using the honor code to make sure you get your Zoya Nail Polish as quickly as possible! First, we send out your new polishes - Then, you send your old polish back to us when it's convenient for you OR you may donate the polish to a local cause. Offer is not contingent on customer returning polish. If you do choose to send us your old polish, we promise to properly dispose of it according to EPA guidelines."

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy #PublixEarthDay! Check out my recycling bags, coupons & more! #ad

Happy Earth Day! Did you celebrate in any special way? I made use of the new recycle bags provided by Platefull Co op. There is one designated for glasses, one for paper and one for metal. Although it's an extra task, it doesn't take too long to recycle and the environment will thank you for it through clean water and air. These bags are cute and very colorful to get your attention. 

I also celebrated by trying to become one with the earth through meditation. OK, not really. I was doing yoga, but I am on the ground and that's closer to the earth.  My cat Lilfur is in amazement wondering what i'm doing because it's been a while since I did yoga or maybe she just wanted to do it with me. I'm not sure, but she was intrigued and when mommy lays down, she lays down! 

I often create recycled art as gifts or just for fun with DIY and that is another way I contribute to a better environment.  There are so many things you can do to help the environment. Simple things like turning off the water when you're not using it, taking shorter showers and guess what, it saves you money too!

What I love most about Earth Day is the sales on healthy foods!

Some of my favorites are on sale, like these Cascadian Farms Organic granola bars. Those are so yum. I've been eating them as a snack every day this week. It's been helping me keep my weight off and gives me that small indulgence of chocolate I always need. 

And I just tried some Muir Glen Organic pasta sauce and tomatoes on a chicken sausage sandwich. I added some fresh mushrooms, onions, basil and carrots to make it an amazing din din.  

Right now, there's a grand sale going on , in celebration of Earth Day and it doesn't end until May 5th so grab those coupons while you can! 

You'll find coupons and details in the purple Publix Every day saver Easter savings booklet. 
  • $2 off 2 Cascadian Farm Frozen Organic Fruit, Vegetables or Potatoes 8-16 oz.
  • $2 off 2 Muir Glen Tomatoes 28 oz or Pasta Sauca 25.5 oz
  • Cascadian Farm Cereal or bars on sale for $2.99 each (7.1 – 14.6 oz)
  • Larabar Multi-Pack (5 ct) on sale $4.99
  • Buy any 3 Cascadian Farm 7.1-14.6 oz or Muir Glen 14-18 oz or Larabar 5 ct. products and get one Publix reusable bag FREE
Digital Coupons
  • Save $0.75 when you buy 3 Larabars 

Honestly, every day should be earth day. The Earth gives us so much, the least we could do is treat it nicer! Try making small changes little by little and you will see how easy it is to help develop a healthier environment. If you already do, Awesome! You are one of few! Although more and more people are realizing the importance! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

#FREE Jewelry charm and bracelet!

Charmed Aroma is offering up a free charm and bracelet to those that like their page and fill in the needed information. Easy Peasy! Enjoy!


#Polkadot fever with the #FRAAS #scarf #OOTD

This post was inspired and sponsored by FRAAS. All opinions are always 100% my own. 
 I don't know about you, but polka dots have taken over my life as of late. First it was nautical everything, then it was flowers and now it's polka dots all over the place. I go through a series of shape spurts in my fashion routine, and then recycle those spurts. I guess it's because I get bored easily and I love art?

 Spring is always the most fun to experiment with colors and shapes. You always find such a variety waiting for you in stores.  I am loving this new bright pink polka dotted scarf from FRAAS. This pink is so gorgeous and the design is just so cute. It also time travels me to the 50's era, when polka dot everything was popular, especially in scarves!

Outfit details: 
FRAAS Dottie Scarf
OOFOS flip flops 
Target 3/4 sleeve shirt 
Purse from Sammy Dress

I'm also wearing the perfect matching nail polish.  It's called Sugar Coat, in "Cotton Candies" by Sally Hansen. It's got this really cool gritty texture I love and almost the exact same pink as the scarf.

I also have it in a bright sunny yellow. I'm obsessed with this nail polish right now. You can get a good look at the texture I was talking about, in this pic.

Some deets on the scarf : 

  • It is a whopping 28 x 76 inches 
  • Thin 
  • Very soft polyester
  • Can be worn is several ways: head wraps, waist wraps, sarongs and even a halter top. Great as a shoulder wrap on cool spring nights or indoors. This scarf is so big you can even put a few beach supplies or a bathing suit in a protective baggy and tie the scarf around it to tote around. 
  • Also comes in turquoise, yellow, pink, green and taupe.
  • Bright pink with starch white polkadots

I'm in love with this scarf! If your outfit is too bland or missing that certain oomph, all you may need is a nice scarf to pull it together and there are so many different ways to wear a scarf. This particular scarf is very long and wide and works best worn classically wrapped, a shoulder wrap or a sarong would work very well. It's that big! You can grab this scarf for $32 retail! Find more gorgeous scarfs at the FRAAS store online and other retailers nationwide.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ecigs are tasty, stylish and cheap!

This is a sponsored informational Post. All opinions are my own.
Have you tried an E-cigarette yet? I have noticed that these awesome inventions are getting more popular every day. I myself have tried vaping and love it.  Here are 5  great reasons that e-cigarettes are gaining a lot more popularity.

1. You can do it anywhere! E-cigarettes are acceptable at clubs, bars and many other establishments. E-cigarettes are not a nuisance. They don't cause people to cough when they smoke them and they don't cause others to cough. You can e-smoke all the live long day and still not fill the room up with smoke, because you are inhaling vapor, which well, vaporizes!

2. E-cigarettes come in so many different fashionable colors and designs. They appeal both to men and women, as they do not have a male or female sway. They are unisex popular. You can buy them in black for men or hot pink with zebra stripes for women. Your choices are becoming endless. You can even color coordinate your clothing with them. They also have a plethora of colorful cases. I can see these e-cigarettes going high end fashion soon. You can also go completely traditional and get an e-cig that looks exactly like a regular cigarette!

3. E-cigarettes come in many different varieties of flavors. This pleases my foodie nature. I never liked the regular cigarette taste. It's hard to choose just one. You have your exotic fruity flavors, more tame flavors, plain tobacco type flavors and more. Companies like 21stcenturysmoke.comcarry a wide variety of flavors. You can also get them with menthol, with nicotine and without!

4. The cost. You save far more when you buy e-cigs over packs upon packs of cigarettes. Once you pay for the upfront cost of the cigarette, all you have to do then is pay for the refills which hold the flavor and those are pretty cheap! Much cheaper than buying packs of cigarettes every week.

5. Society loves instant gratification and these are incredibly easy to use. They are rechargeable forever and last longer than cigarettes! All you need is a computer or other device that has a usb port and you are ready to go in a very short time. There are some that even charge in cars. E-ciggs last hours rather than regular cigarettes that last only a handful of minutes. So imagine you're at a friends house and craving a vape. You don't have to go out and buy a pack. You just recharge your ecig at the computer.

These are some of the basic reasons why vaping is gaining popularity. Have you tried it yet? You should! I think you'll be happy you did.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

#DIY #Easter Candy Terrarium #HopItForward

Who's getting into the Easter spirit? If you haven't yet, World Market will definitely get you there! As an ambassador, I was provided the opportunity to put together another creative project and I thought it would be lots of fun to create an Edible Easter Terrarium. It makes the perfect gift for any candy and desert lover and equally a beautiful center piece or as part of an Easter Decor tablescape or a party place setting.

When hunting for the perfect terrarium holder, I had so many options, It was hard to settle on one. I thought the best choice was one that could easily be reused for other things. I chose the Half Gallon storage Jar,  as it's perfect to store things in later. Re-usables make the best gifts!

Once I had my terrarium bottle picked out, It was time to pick out the goodies in order to put together the Easter garden scene I had in my head. I used the cutest limited edition World Market Easter fabric chicks that I perched atop the cute Easter birds nests, small Lindt chocolate rabbits, pastel chocolate eggs, candy flowers, large white chocolate rabbit, green licorice to mimic mossy logs, and the Ghirardelli double chocolate brownies that I used to mimic dirt.


Step 1- Bake the brownies as you normally would. Let cool and then crumble them up to resemble dirt or soil. 

Step 2- Take handfuls of the crumbles and pat them down into the bottle to look like soil for a garden. 

Step 3-  Push the big rabbit, small rabbit and eggs  into the "dirt"

Step 4- Add the flowers to make a bed on top. 

Step 5- Add two licorice logs on either side and perch the fabric chicks on top. 

Voila! Your terrarium is finished. 

I cut a medium square sized piece of pretty pink gingham parchment paper to add more decoration and make it more presentable as a gift. 

How freaking cute are these little chicks and nests? They all look like they're singing. 

And now it's giveaway time! Help World Market Spread Random Acts of Hoppiness and enter for a chance to win a $2,000 World Market gift card and a Year’s supply of Divine Chocolate! 

There will also be 3 Runner Up Prizes for a $500 World Market gift card and Divine Chocolate! 

Help us reach our goal of 5,000,000 hops and we’ll Hop It Forward by donating 50,000 meals to regional food banks. Earn bonus hops by sharing with us your Random Acts of Hoppiness for more chances to win. Sweepstake runs from March 31st – April 18th .. Let’s get Hoppin’

Enter Below and GOOD LUCK! ENDS 4-18-14

This post is sponsored by World Market and in accordance with FTC Guidelines. All opinions are always my own.

Friday, April 11, 2014

@WorldMarket @HopItForward #sweepstakes!

Help us and Cost Plus World Market spread Random Acts of Hoppiness and enter for a chance to win a $2,000 World Market gift card and a Year’s supply of Divine Chocolates in their #HopItForward Sweepstakes! 

For details: http://bit.ly/ORNEZy

Monday, April 7, 2014

#DIY #Nautical #nailart #notd

I have been into everything nautical lately. I always get obsessed with it, once spring rolls around. A cute new nautical shirt I bought the other day from ROSS inspired me to do my nails with the classic nautical designs. I have a shaky hand and can barely draw a straight line, let alone without my dominant hand so I am proud of the nail art I do succeed with. It's never near perfect, but that just gives it character, right? ;)

Hope you enjoy my nautical nails and i'd love to see yours! 

Can you tell this was with my non- dominant hand? ;) 

Nail polish Used: 

For the base, I used Sally Hansen's "Midnight watch" from their Complete Salon Manicure Collection. This stuff  goes on so smooth with a wide brush and dries like a dream. This is a deep dark beautiful blue similar to the striped on my shirt. Also see more nail art I did using "Night watch" & Fuzzy Coat.

For the Gold trim and outlining, I used Sally Hansen's "Wedding Glitter" from the same collection- A gorgeous gold glitter that was the perfect color to mimic the gold in the shirt's buttons.  

I used an LA Colors nail art pen in white for the anchor and wheel. 

And here is the shirt. Isn't it adorable?! Sometimes Ross has the cutest hidden treasures, don't they? They are so cheap too. For 8 bucks, I was not leaving without it! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

@KushyFoot #Review & #Giveaway!

This review has been inspired from samples by Kushyfoot.
I'm back with more kushy foot and a lot more products! Have you heard of Kushy foot? They are one of my absolute favorite brands for fashionable footwear, shapewear and accessories. I have reviewed a scarf, foot wear and now I've got more designs to share with you. They are super fashionable, comfortable and most importantly, affordable!

I have the pleasure to introduce and giveaway some of their newest designs in foot wear and I'm really loving these. So far I have worn them with high heels, flats, tennis shoes, and boots. All of these padded socks have made my footsies happier in my shoes. Especially in my flats, as a lot of them like to come without enough cushioning.

                                   Tennis shoe foot covers. 

These are awesome, because they are comfortable and not too thin or thick, but the biggest plus is that they are breathable so you won't get sweaty. You can get your footsies nasty as can be from running or walking all day and still take them off to reveal fresh, funkless feet. They also have plastic attachments on the hell so that they don't fall off during movement. I thought that was really nice, considering I have battled that problem several times. No more escaping socks bunching up into your shoe!

Sheer Anklet

These sheer anklets have a special ribbed bottom to add a little bit of a massaging effect on your soles. The rest of the anklet is sheer like pantihose and the sock reaches just above your ankle. They are super comfy and great to wear with work pants and flats for a bit of extra comfort if you're on your feet all day or to put on after a long day. I have icky carpet and i love to wear these when I walk on it. I can't feel the unpleasant texture. 

Toe covers

These toe covers are also sheer aside from the bottoms, which feature a massaging padding. They are for when you need extra comfort in the middle of your foot. These are great for heels! 

Foot covers- Extreme Low cut

These foot covers are extreme low cut for those skimpier flats that show more skin. They are undetectable when you are wearing your flats and they deliver extra comfort in the heels or toes with padding. So often flats come with very little padding and this will help with that problem. These are perfect for any close toed shoes. They come in lace and other pretty designs and like all Kushy foot's other footwear, they are super comfy.

These also come in Super Ultra low cut , if you need them a little less low cut. Some are padded at the toe and some at the heel for your convenience.

I am very happy with these footwear and I have noticed that they also keep my feet from being irritated by the materials of some of my shoes. Definitely worth the low cost at just $12 for 3 pairs and up! 

Right now you can take advantage of their 20% off  sale when you spend $40! ALSO, check out their clearance for $5 slippers and more! 

And now i'm excited to giveaway the same collection of samples valued at $50, to one lucky winner! 
Good Luck! 

Open to US Only 
Starts 4-5 12 am est
Ends 4-19 am est 

This giveaway and review is in accordance with FTC guidelines.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

#DIY #Roses #Nailart #notd

Spring is in the air and flowers are all over clothing and nails. I love this time of year. If you came here looking for a way to do rose nail art, have no fear. It is ridiculously simple to achieve this design.  The ones I did are inspired by my shirt. I attempted to get them to match my shirt and got very close with the colors I had on hand. I love this little DIY rose design. Read on for directions.

Step 1. Paint the whole nail bed Green. (I used Sally Hansen's vibrant green "Kelp out") It's a gorgeous bright green.

Step 2. Dot 3 big circle "blobs" using a dark pink (I used Sally Hansen's "Punch Drunk")  Put two on the top of the nail and then one on the bottom.

Step 3.  Grab a lighter pink or purple color (I used Zoya's "Brigitte") and use a thin nail art brush, nail art pen or toothpick to draw a medium thick line on either side of the circle. Then add one or two right in the middle of the circle from bottom up and lightly swirl or turn it in. This will give the shadow illusion and an opening to the flower.

Step 4.  Using the same tool and a lighter green color (I used Nail Art by Diamond Cosmetics in Lime), add the leaves by drawing them on either side of one or two of the roses.

Step 5. Cover with one top coat (I used  Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. The stuff is amazing)

* Make sure to let your nails dry in between steps! 

Voila! Instant roses and so pretty.  You can get more detailed and really go in depth with the design, but this is the very simple and efficient way to get that cute rose nail art.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Qi Pillow Review & Giveaway. #Backpain relief is here.

 This post has been inspired by free samples. It has been a long time since I have found significant relief from my constant back pain, and now I am happy to share a recent breakthrough that has helped me! Have you heard of the Qi pillow? It's a specially designed pillow that helps support your back, legs and anything else you can rest on it. Body support disguised as a beautiful throw pillow.

Where did this come from?

Patrick Lee is a Human Spinal Biomechanics Researcher and the founder of an international medicaldevices manufacturer. He and his team of thousands of doctors collaborated  for a decade to finally bring you the invention of the Qi Pillow. They have helped over 2,000 licensed back pain specialists from around the world in enhancing their patients back care.

The magic

 Unlike traditional pillows that have very little support, the Qi pillow has a lot and you can adjust just how much. How so? Because it uses the convenience of inflation. Yup, just like you blow into an inner tube, you blow into this until you have reached the level support you want for your back. Because of it's form, it allows for adjustment to unique the shape of your back. This idea is so simple, yet so genius!

It couldn't be more simple to use.

All you do is unzip the protective pillow cover to reveal a covered plastic tube with a cap to blow in. Pull up the cap and gently hold it with your thumb and forefinger. Only blow a few times the first time and take care to never over-inflate. That's it! Just put it wherever you need support and enjoy the relief. 

The Aesthetics

I love that fact that as convenient as these are, they are not an eye sore on my couch. A lot of products may be helpful, but are just so not fun to look at. Qi pillows are made of a faux suade that is so pretty and soft to the touch. These pillows are very generously sized at 18X18, which I really appreciate for my frame. Pictured above are the ones I own in the sage color. They also offer a camel color. 

How I use it 

I like to have one pillow behind my back at my workstation or when i'm sitting on the couch. I also like to slightly deflate one pillow to put under the weight of my legs, behind my knees for added support on those really bad low back pain days. It honestly helps and is so much better than one flimsy pillow.You just can't get that kind of support for your back without stacking upwards of 4 pillows behind you. All it takes is ONE of the Qi pillows to find comfort.

Eternal fluff

We all know pillows lose their fluff sooner or later. Well, imagine having one that stays puffed indefinitely! That is the Qi pillow. Supportive, comfortable, stylish and innovative.


This pillow has been time tested and has been proven by a clinical study to help 91% of back pain sufferers relieve their back stiffness, pain and fatigue, and improve their sitting posture and comfort.
Check out Qi pillow and experience it for yourself ! 

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