Saturday, April 5, 2014

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Spring is in the air and flowers are all over clothing and nails. I love this time of year. If you came here looking for a way to do rose nail art, have no fear. It is ridiculously simple to achieve this design.  The ones I did are inspired by my shirt. I attempted to get them to match my shirt and got very close with the colors I had on hand. I love this little DIY rose design. Read on for directions.

Step 1. Paint the whole nail bed Green. (I used Sally Hansen's vibrant green "Kelp out") It's a gorgeous bright green.

Step 2. Dot 3 big circle "blobs" using a dark pink (I used Sally Hansen's "Punch Drunk")  Put two on the top of the nail and then one on the bottom.

Step 3.  Grab a lighter pink or purple color (I used Zoya's "Brigitte") and use a thin nail art brush, nail art pen or toothpick to draw a medium thick line on either side of the circle. Then add one or two right in the middle of the circle from bottom up and lightly swirl or turn it in. This will give the shadow illusion and an opening to the flower.

Step 4.  Using the same tool and a lighter green color (I used Nail Art by Diamond Cosmetics in Lime), add the leaves by drawing them on either side of one or two of the roses.

Step 5. Cover with one top coat (I used  Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. The stuff is amazing)

* Make sure to let your nails dry in between steps! 

Voila! Instant roses and so pretty.  You can get more detailed and really go in depth with the design, but this is the very simple and efficient way to get that cute rose nail art.

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