Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Achieve those #Spiderlashes #MKglam #gotitfree #review

I was Lucky enough to receive a Mary Kay makeup box full of goodies bestowed upon me from Influenster. If you aren't familiar with this site, it is basically a place that rewards you for giving your opinion of past and upcoming products. The good the bad and the lovely. They want to know it all. In return you earn badges for doing different tasks that aren't boring! Then those badges earn you a specific voxbox to try for FREE.

I have gotten some amazing and not so amazing products from Influenster and this box had just that. I loved some things and was not a fan of others. I'm always excited to give my honest opinion, as I know every box will have something redeemable. you can't really ask for more when it's free!

The presentation of this package was lovely and I love the sleek black packaging!

I received the following items from Mary Kay. (LOTS of eye candy coming at ya!)

  • Eye color & concealer Brush $10
This brush is pretty stiff,  but very soft. I cannot stand or use rough brushes, so I was happy with this brush. It's comparable to nice drugstore brands, but a bit pricey. 

  • Blush Brush ( it's not on the info card that came with the package)  
Eh, this blush brush is very rough for something that is supposed to be used on your face. I would never take this near my sensitive skin. It may be good for dusting some powder on the body, but that's about it. It doesn't feel good at all. I would not recommend. 

  • Lash Love in "I love Black" $15

I have to say, the mascara went on clumpy the first round, but I found that if  I went a lot lighter upon application, it lessened the clumps significantly. With one application, I had pretty lengthy lashes that DO resemble spider legs. The second layer added the thickness and volume. It dries relatively FAST so I found that I had to do a quick careful  2 swipes and I was good to go. I'm a fan, and the black is a gorgeous true jet black.

  • Gel Eyeliner in "Jet Black" with Expandable Brush Applicator $18

This stuff is impressive. I am beginning to like gel eyeliner more and more. The trick to easy application is a really good brush. This brush was a bit too thick for me, but some may love that. The consistency is nice and it glided on like a dream. The applicator is too cute. Perfect for travel. You can see the pay off of this eye liner in my pics. 

  • Translucent Loose Powder $16

This has claims to control shine and I can vouch that It did help. I wasn't as shiny as I normally am and it keeps you very matte.  It is fine in consistency, which  is very important to avoid cakiness and makes it very smooth to apply . I love it to set my foundation and I found it's perfect for setting my under eye concealer. It has a slight white cast though, so not exactly transparent. I think you'll see what I mean from the swatches. That doesn't bother me, b/c I'm pale to begin with. It also has a very slight shimmer, which looks nice under the eyes. Nothing bad that accentuates wrinkles. It's quite messy, so you have to swirl the brush in it a little at a time in the cap. 

  • NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in "Mango Tango" $14
Not a big fan of lip glosses. They are too sticky for my liking. I achieve my shine through emmollient lip balms. For those of you who like them, this has a lot of shine and this color is a bold orange red. 

  • Cream Eye color in "Apricot Twist" $14
This soft creamy long wearing  Eye color has a nice sheen and a pretty accurate color name. It does reminds me of apricots. It looks like a true apricot.  A warm peach color. See the swatch for more detail. It's nicely pigmented, which is a common occurrence in Mary Kay products as you'll see in the swatches. 

Swatches left to right; apricot cream shadow, bronzer, blush and lip gloss. The translucent is swatched up top. Can you see what I mean by the white cast and sheen?

  • Bronzing Powder $18

This Bronzing powder wasn't bad. Not at all orangey like a lot are! This was a nice tan and well pigmented. I'm not a huge fan of bronzer, but I have been experimenting with contouring and this works for that. It has a sheen to it. Not matte at all, but I like that just as much as matte. I like to use it very lightly on my cheeks. This color is meant for light to medium complexions. 

  • Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush $12

I really adore this cheek color, like all the other products, the pigment is impressive. The color is a peachy pink hue and I'm wearing it in the pics. It goes on very light, which I like. I don't need my blushes bright. I like to build my color.

Over all, Some of the items pleasantly surprised me and others were very lack luster. I'm really not impressed with the brushes, but Mary Kay redeemed themselves with the other great products. I would probably repurchase, the gel liner, translucent powder, blush, and possibly the mascara, but the price is again a bit high for me.

 I like that this package was made of a minimum of 30% recyclable materials and they use biodegradable peanuts. It's a start at reducing their carbon footprint. 

HUGE thank you to Influenster for the opportunity to review these products! If you'd like to get your own boxes, the only way to get in is by supply your e-mail so I can send you an e-vite! So e-mail me if you want in! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day! In Memory of all those lost...

I hope all of you had a relaxing long weekend and are ready to start the new week. I know I slept a lot. I didn't even realize I needed it until I conked out and didn't wake up for a long time.

I'd like to take this time to pay tribute to all those who have served for our country to their detriment. My brother would have been 37 today and not a day goes by where I don't miss him deeply.

Please take a moment to give thanks for the real reason of Memorial Day. My deepest and loving condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones in war. I know that each day does not bring you any closer to feeling better, but it's not supposed to. You deal with what happened and keep them in your heart's by never forgetting.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sun protection on the go, with the Pack a Hat #Review

I'm a big fan of sun protection, given that I have had more than a few atypical moles grace my body over the years. Several removed as well. Let's just say I am a lot more serious about wearing sunscreen now. I have a pretty pale complexion, so it's important that I do what I can to shield myself for safety let alone anti-aging purposes. What better way to get extra protection than with a cute sun hat!

This Cappelli Straworld Pack a Hat is in natural black. It's a bit big on me so I use it to my advantage when I'm reading or just sitting around where i'm going to be in the sun. It's got the perfect coverage for that and I don't really need sunglasses. This isn't an ordinary sun hat though folks, it's got a UPF 50+rating of protection. No sun is infiltrating through this guy within it's 4 ½ inch brim.

It comes in a cute lil matching wristlet tote, making it convenient to pull out whenever you need more protection. Also great for when you don't have enough room in your bag, you can just wear on your wrist. It's big enough to hold the sun hat and a few other things, so it's perfect to bring to the beach or on a long walk.

This sun hat is thick, but it's got a floppiness with structure. That will make more sense when you feel it, trust me.  You can shape it any way you want. I think the ridged texture adds a lot of appeal to the design and it doesn't feel the least bit heavy on.

The zip up tote is quite roomy at 9 ½” w x 7”It has a comfortable faux leather tan wristlet and the signature wooden Cappelli Straworld logo on the top.

I've gotten a lot of use out of the Pack a Hat lately. I carry it around with me on walks and it easily fits the sun hat, sun glasses and my keys. The best part about the sun hat is that you can bunch and roll it up as much as you want and it will never come out wrinkled looking.

The Pack a Hat comes in 7 different striped versions: black, red, navy, green, lime, turquoise and you can purchase it for $25. Make sure to measure your head to get the right size, as they run big in my experience!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Bouqs flowers Review

Have you heard of  The Bouqs? If you haven't, you've never seen any florist service quite like this. They are an organic florist straight from the Volcanoes of Ecuador. They come a long way in both distance and innovation. I was impressed with what they had to offer.

 I wanted to get something special for my Mom on Mother's Day and I cannot emphasize enough how picky she is. She doesn't like artsy crafty things. She has very plain taste and she likes things very natural. The bare bones of natural. It took me many years to perfect the art of buying for my mom.

When I saw what The Bouqs had, I KNEW that she would be ecstatic with the bouquet of flowers I had planned for her. There were a plethora of beautiful and very unique bouquets to choose from. Anything from rainbow roses to your classic roses, wild flowers and accent flowers. She doesn't like anything like that, but when I saw these spectacular crisp white roses, I HAD to get them.

When they finally arrived at her door, the fed ex man joked, asking her who the secret admirer from Ecuador was. "You know these are from Ecuador? Are the flowers not good enough you have to order all the way from Ecuador?" Haha So at this point my mom is wondering what the heck is going on and then she remembered I was sending something.

My mom was really excited to open her surprise and I was excited for her, but we didn't know what was in store for us. Be forewarned, this package comes very tight and secure, which is good and bad if you don't have nice scissors and a knife. It was very hard for my mom to infiltrate the confines that held this hope diamond. She even broke her 20 yr old heavy duty scissors trying to pry it open! Haha! Alas, she opened it eventually and then didn't have a knife sharp enough to chop the stems. It was comical really. I was laughing the whole time and so was she. These are as organic as you get, people. No little water baggies to keep the flowers fresh, no flower packets to prolong the life and EVEN the thorns are left on these things! So be very careful with your new flowers.

Everything worked out in the end. She chopped away what she could and put them in a vase and she told me that she was BLOWN away by the quality. She said "I've never seen anything like these, they look so fresh and new...nothing like your local florists" She went on to say that they look exactly as shown on the website and have absolutely not a wilt in sight.

It has been 4 days and she says they still look as beautiful as the first day, except they are in full bloom and she has never seen such beautiful white roses in person. They cheer her up every time she looks at them. She makes it a point to tell me this every time I talk and e-mail with her.

I am very impressed with this florist and would recommend them to anyone who really wants to WOW someone they care about. For $40 you really can't get much better. Give The Bouqs a try!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Congrats to the 2 Winners of the Purex No-sort coupons!


Shannon V. 
Brittany M.

Please respond to the e-mail within 48 hours or a new winner will have to be chosen! 

Natures Sleep Slippers #Review & #Giveaway!

I am a slipper girl. I hate walking straight out of the shower with wet feet on my cold tile. I want cushy warm slippers to walk in while I freeze my butt off putting on my robe. Natures sleep are the perfect pair of slippers for just that. I had the lovely opportunity to try a pair of the lavender ones and I have nada complaints. 

These Natures Sleep Memory Foam slippers are made of a soft polyester cotton blend, which makes them nice and absorbent for when just jumping out of the shower.  They dried pretty darn fast for just stepping into them with soaking wet feet. I designated them my bathroom slippers, but then I found that I wanted to keep wearing them around the house while I did chores, walked on the cold kitchen tile etc. These make a great every day slipper. 

You can go out to to get the mail without fear of slips. As you can see, there is a good bit of traction on the bottoms. 

What's even better? 

They are easily machine washable!They wash well, without deterioration. Get them as dirty as you like and one wash and tumble later, they are as good as new. 

I got these in a Large and I am usually and 8.5 to 9 in shoes and I  have to say these were bigger than I expected. Not that it's bothersome. They aren't clunky or hard to keep on. I can still walk in them just fine,  but know that Large comes with about an extra inch and a half of space. 

I really like the lavender color too. It's soothing to look at and matches my bathroom decor. Yes, I totally color coordinate my bathroom to my slippers. Don't judge me!

Natures Sleep carries a wide variety of comfort inducing products in addition to these slippers. Check out their memory foam bedding and much more!

So I know you want a pair and guess what? The good folks over at Natures Sleep want to offer one pair to one lucky winner! Enter for your chance in the Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Also, check out The Art of sleeping Contest and register to vote for your favorite entry! Some of the contestants got really creative! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Don't give in to addiction, seek help.

Are you or someone you know suffering from substance abuse and addiction? Life can be very difficult, given the many temptations we have to avoid every day. Its fine to indulge once in a while, but there is a line you
cross where you've had too much. We've all been there and while it might be easy for some to stop, 
others have issues beyond their control. Naturally, we all want to feel good and every one goes about it differently. Some are sucked into an addiction they can't control, because they feel there's no other way out. This in not their fault and there is always a way out.

At Advanced Health and Education in New Jersey, you will find treatment for alcoholism and many 
other forms of substance abuse. Their team of addiction specialists have helped people resume happy 
healthy lives for 40 years.Addiction will no longer control you and you will find new healthy addictions to take their place. If you are suffering from drug or alcohol dependence, know that you are not alone and there is always somewhere and someone that wants to help. All you have to do is ask for it.

Signs of addiction to look out for: 

• Irritability 
• Sweating 
• Shaking
• Restlessness
• Insomnia
• Major relationship problems
• Anger
• Confusion 
• Aggressive behavior
• Risky behavior, especially to acquire the substance.
• Loss of hope, depression
• Anxiety
• Feeling sick and nauseated

If you feel this way on a constant basis and it does not subside until you have had your substance fix, you 
are fighting an addiction and it's not your fault. Many issues contribute to falling into addiction. If you want 
to get help, you need drug rehab centers to get to the bottom of the cause. 

If it isn't you but someone you know who you witness these symptoms in, get them help. Talk to them 
about what they are doing to themselves, but most importantly do it in a calm and non-aggressive, non-patronizing  manner. Let them know you care about them and that you only want the best, to keep them from feeling threatened. That is the last thing a person with addiction needs to deal with. 

Stay beautiful inside and out, don't let addiction take over your mind and body.

Monday, May 12, 2014

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Sally Beauty Supply wants you to nominate a beautiful friend and they might just win $5000. You'll win a $200 gift card for nominating them! 

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Can't miss spring scarf styles, all 50% off!

Hey lovely, this is a sponsored post and I receive a small compensation when you purchase through me.  I really appreciate your support if you choose to purchase. Have a beautiful day!

The scarf sale continues for Fashion Friday this week! 

All scarves are 50% off regular price! Several scarves will have an additional discount tomorrow (5/9/14) for Fashion Friday!  

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Celebrate #Mother'sDay with zulily! What is your mom like?

What is your mom like? What do you love most about her. I love that my mom isn't afraid to speak out and always give her opinion. Even when it's not needed. Haha. She is also kind hearted, strong as an ox and forever giving. I am proud to call her mommy. Let's celebrate our moms! 

Is your mom a hero, a great cook, an inspiration, your best friend... or something else equally as special? Every mom is one of a kind. zulily wants to hear about yours. This Mother's Day, zulily is celebrating moms by asking kids (big and small) to share photos answering the prompt “My Mom Is _____.” The photos will be displayed in a gallery for the world to view at Watch the video for inspiration and to join the celebration:

To participate, visit the zulily #MyMomIs webpage, download zulily’s sign or create your own, snap a picture with the sign and share the photo via social media by tagging #MyMomIs or uploading the photo directly to the gallery. 

And to learn more about zulily and shop for the hottest trends for moms of all ages and their kids go to

VERY HOT deal! #ad 50% off all scarves FREE s/h!

Hey lovely, this is a sponsored post and I receive a small compensation when you purchase through me.  I really appreciate your support if you choose to purchase. Have a beautiful day!

OMG this is one amazing deal that won't last long. LIMITED time only. 50% off ALL scarves! Get a beautiful chevron infinity scarf  from Cents of Style for yourself or for the perfect mother's day gift addition. Or both! I love the black and white and teal and white one. They're mine! Use code MAYDEAL and it's yours for just $6.97 shipped! 50% off the regular prices won't last long! Happy Shopping!

These colors and that material are so light and lovely. Perfect addition to any outfit that may need some oomph! Perfect the cooler Spring and Summer nights. Pair any of these with a white or black shirt, skinny jeans and cute flats and you are looking fine missy!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Test new products with Toluna!

Right now, Toluna survey and sampling company is offering a chance to try out a new high end hair oil called Gliss! 

If you love to test products and give your opinion, this is the place to do it! If you haven't ever done this and want to, this is definitely the place to start! It's how I got started in the product testing business! 

Easy Sign up and you're on your way. Have fun! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

May #Ipsy #Spoilers 2014

I loved April's Ipsy bag! Both the contents and the bag design itself. The only thing I wasn't crazy about is the lip gloss, but everything else made up for it. Despite things not working out for me because of color, it is rarely because of quality. May looks like it might be just as good as April! Here's a look at the May spoilers thus far. If you have no idea what Ipsy is, read on to find out more! Basically you are looking at a $10 a month out of this world beauty sample bag. There is nothing better for the price! Oh and yes, that DOES include shipping and handling! 



Ipsy says: Let your beauty bloom with one of these soft, fresh shades to cheer up your spring style.

Oh, I love Pacifica products! I already own a ton of roller Perfumes lotion and shower gel. I've never tried their makeup side and despite my really not needing anymore eye shadow blush or bronzer, it would make a great addition to a gift for someone. I might even just have to use it myself. We shall see how tempting the colors are. I am loving the cute packaging art!

We will be receiving a duo sample of either Enlighten or Mystical. I hope to get the Mystical!

Enlighten will hold:

Coral Sand- A satin lid base or highlighter.
Skinny Dip- Matte nude base, a universal brightener. Perfect for using on the inner eye to add brightness.

Mystical will hold :

Opal- Opalescent pinkish-white perfect for highlighting and creating a natural look. Use on brow bones, inner eye and even as a liner.Blue-violet to smudge, smoke or line your eyes.
Stargazer- Heavenly hot blue-violet to smudge, smoke or line your eyes.

See a Full Review of these Pacifica eye shadows with lots of swatches at the MakeupandbeautyBlog.

Everyone will be getting a duo! 


Ipsy says: Time to head outdoors and enjoy beauty al fresco. Don't forget to put one of these pretty picks in your picnic basket to stay safe in the sun.

We are looking at sunscreen! Yay! For sec there, I thought I saw sunless tanning. NO! Haha I am big on sunscreen, but not on the way my skin reacts to a lot of them. Read about my Sunscreen Mission as I try out new products to find the perfect one for me. It started in 2013 and keeps going.  I love to try out new ones when possible. Given that I have several atypical moles and have to be checked pretty frequently, I can't complain with this sample. At all. I hope it's big!

We will be receiving either Hang Ten 50 or Jersey Shore Sun

Everyone will be getting one of these!

Spoiler 3

Ipsy says: A lovely bouquet of beauty awaits you this month. Which blooms are you excited about?

Woosh, this is a handful of "OMG what am I getting?!" Ipsy really knows how to keep us guessing. Teases! 

You will get ONE of these:

Starting from the middle is the Boo Boo coverup 
Then at the bottom is Lula Blossom Dreamsicle Body Balm
Working our way up toward the right is Revlon Colorburst lip butter  in the shade "Showy"
Above that is Hey Honey Take it Off exfoliating mask
Next is Endless Euphoria, By Calvin Klein
Above that is TiniBeauty Nailpolish in the color "Tahiti Breeze"
Next to that is none other than Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer
And lastly is Refreshing Rosemary Natural Beauty Lipbalm

GAH is all I have to say! That and I would be ecstatic with the Revlon lip butter! I already have enough bronzer by Tarte, but heck sure, I'll take the Too Faced too!


Just caught this one. I am sick with a cold and therefore have clog brain, so bare with me on this one.

Ipsy Says: The freshest picks, the prettiest products! One of these beauty finds will be yours to enjoy all spring.

You will be getting either Eva NYC Curl cream, Hair mask or Mane tamer cream, Pur-Lisse Sunscreen or moisturizer, or a Balanced-Guru hair oil. These veggies are making me hungry...


Ipsy says: Garden party or relaxed picnic, one of these beauty finds will keep you pretty and polished for any outdoor soiree this month

Hmm, definitely not skimping on the skincare this month!... You will getting either a set of Starlooks eyebrushes... I know they are big with that company. Possibly a new one though! Avene thermal spring water mist, a purple eyelash curler by ? I see this one everywhere. That is just my guess linked there. One or two of  La Fresh Travel-lite makeup remover or cleansing wipes, Derma-E firming DMAE moisturizer, Mee Beauty pure honey night cream, Another Balanced guru type of oil. Maybe the hair frizz oil? Annnnd some type of Bare Foot polish... Ooh, maybe Boots Barefoot Doctor Chi/Qi exfoliating scrub and polish? Maybe one of these? I'm stumped.



Ipsy Says: The anticipation is killing us. We can't wait for you to check out our Fresh Picks for May and show us your spring style.

Really love the natural canvas and color of this month's bag! I'm a green fiend.  I'm excited for everything. I don't think i'll  be disappointed, despite that there's not much makeup this time around. I do miss the mascara though! Hoping that comes back in the future. 

If you haven't signed up for this amazingly cheap makeup subscription bag, you can do so via my link. In turn, I will get an extra goodie If i get two people to sign up and you will too, once someone signs up under you. For $10 INCLUDING Shipping, you REALLY can't turn down this bag. Get on the Ipsy waiting list now! It is the cheapest subscription bar none and often times worth WAY more than the cost!

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#Win one of (8) $250 Giftcards to Dick's Sporting Goods!! #ad

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Marie is also the author of a fantasy adventure novel, Over the Mountain and Back.

Rare Sally's Beauty #Coupon!

If you're going shopping soon, take advantage of this RARE Sally's Beauty Coupon. Get $3.50 off $10 by filling in your name and e-mail address! That's it! Enjoy! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

5 ways to achieve a #ShabbyChic Room on a budget

Achieving a Shabby Chic room can be done on a budget with the right luxury pieces. A few pricey items mixed with lots of revamped bargain items can go a long way. Shabby Chic is about vintage simplicity, but artistic and comfortable.  Here are 5 ways to create a Shabby Chic room on a budget.

Sign from World Market

1. Get a few very artistic and expressive vintage french signs like the one pictured above. That is a shot of my bathroom with accent pieces from World Market, The Dollar Store and Ross. If you are on a really tight budget, this can be done by making your own. You will need a few medium size pieces of wood, white paint,  black or grey paint, cursive or other fancy writing stencils and a wood sander to get the distressed look, once the paint is dry. It is relatively simple to make signs, but there are so many beautiful handmade signs you can buy for a good price too. Whichever you prefer, these will be one of the biggest foundations for the Shabby Chic Look.
2. Luxurious White linens, with beige, gray and pink accents or any pastel colors will do.  Crisp white linens are the most important part of this look, as most of the room will be made up of White. Try a pretty table runner across your dresser and line up perfume bottles on top. You want to keep it very soft, light and airy. This is where you can spend a little more. It is worth it.

3. Lace and frills. You'll want to have accent pieces with a ton of lace and frills. Think  fluffy white throw pillows combined with lace ones, that have french writing. You can stencil this yourself with fabric painting or there are a variety all over that you can buy from places like H&M, Shabby Chic and more. Also, make sure to check Ebay, your local thrift store, TJ Maxx and Ross, for budget friendly choices. Type in Shabby Chic in Google and see all the lovely choices! A great way to get the lovingly worn vintage look is to dye old lace pillows in coffee!


4. Lots of pretty storage, stacked up. Think white or pastel painted luggage as night stands. Top them with a sturdy mirror or plexi glass. Find pretty boxes with Floral, striped or polka dotted backgrounds. You wants lots of cute patterns, but in small scales. Get glass or porcelain apothecary bottles and vases in beautiful shapes to go on the dresser or night stands. Fill them with coordinating colored flowers. Check the Dollar Tree and Thrift stores for these accents. You'd be amazed at what you can find.  It's a treasure hunt and sometimes you will strike gold!

5. Paint as much furniture and accents as you can, in white and pastel colors. Look around for ugly pieces in thrift stores and dollar stores and transform them with paint.  If you see an ugly bird or picture frame that has seen better days, it just needs a makeover! You'd be amazed at the things that can be saved with a good coat of paint. You can leave as is or distress it with sand paper or crackle paint you can find at any art supplies store.

The Shabby Chic look takes dedication and creativity, but it is fairly easy to achieve. Just keep in mind that we are going for lovingly worn, fluffy, light and airy! You can switch it up when seasons change. During summer, the Shabby Chic by the Sea theme is great. Adorn your place with anchors, seashells and more. Check Pinterest for lots of inspiration! There are so many ideas! Good Luck!