Saturday, May 3, 2014

May #Ipsy #Spoilers 2014

I loved April's Ipsy bag! Both the contents and the bag design itself. The only thing I wasn't crazy about is the lip gloss, but everything else made up for it. Despite things not working out for me because of color, it is rarely because of quality. May looks like it might be just as good as April! Here's a look at the May spoilers thus far. If you have no idea what Ipsy is, read on to find out more! Basically you are looking at a $10 a month out of this world beauty sample bag. There is nothing better for the price! Oh and yes, that DOES include shipping and handling! 



Ipsy says: Let your beauty bloom with one of these soft, fresh shades to cheer up your spring style.

Oh, I love Pacifica products! I already own a ton of roller Perfumes lotion and shower gel. I've never tried their makeup side and despite my really not needing anymore eye shadow blush or bronzer, it would make a great addition to a gift for someone. I might even just have to use it myself. We shall see how tempting the colors are. I am loving the cute packaging art!

We will be receiving a duo sample of either Enlighten or Mystical. I hope to get the Mystical!

Enlighten will hold:

Coral Sand- A satin lid base or highlighter.
Skinny Dip- Matte nude base, a universal brightener. Perfect for using on the inner eye to add brightness.

Mystical will hold :

Opal- Opalescent pinkish-white perfect for highlighting and creating a natural look. Use on brow bones, inner eye and even as a liner.Blue-violet to smudge, smoke or line your eyes.
Stargazer- Heavenly hot blue-violet to smudge, smoke or line your eyes.

See a Full Review of these Pacifica eye shadows with lots of swatches at the MakeupandbeautyBlog.

Everyone will be getting a duo! 


Ipsy says: Time to head outdoors and enjoy beauty al fresco. Don't forget to put one of these pretty picks in your picnic basket to stay safe in the sun.

We are looking at sunscreen! Yay! For sec there, I thought I saw sunless tanning. NO! Haha I am big on sunscreen, but not on the way my skin reacts to a lot of them. Read about my Sunscreen Mission as I try out new products to find the perfect one for me. It started in 2013 and keeps going.  I love to try out new ones when possible. Given that I have several atypical moles and have to be checked pretty frequently, I can't complain with this sample. At all. I hope it's big!

We will be receiving either Hang Ten 50 or Jersey Shore Sun

Everyone will be getting one of these!

Spoiler 3

Ipsy says: A lovely bouquet of beauty awaits you this month. Which blooms are you excited about?

Woosh, this is a handful of "OMG what am I getting?!" Ipsy really knows how to keep us guessing. Teases! 

You will get ONE of these:

Starting from the middle is the Boo Boo coverup 
Then at the bottom is Lula Blossom Dreamsicle Body Balm
Working our way up toward the right is Revlon Colorburst lip butter  in the shade "Showy"
Above that is Hey Honey Take it Off exfoliating mask
Next is Endless Euphoria, By Calvin Klein
Above that is TiniBeauty Nailpolish in the color "Tahiti Breeze"
Next to that is none other than Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer
And lastly is Refreshing Rosemary Natural Beauty Lipbalm

GAH is all I have to say! That and I would be ecstatic with the Revlon lip butter! I already have enough bronzer by Tarte, but heck sure, I'll take the Too Faced too!


Just caught this one. I am sick with a cold and therefore have clog brain, so bare with me on this one.

Ipsy Says: The freshest picks, the prettiest products! One of these beauty finds will be yours to enjoy all spring.

You will be getting either Eva NYC Curl cream, Hair mask or Mane tamer cream, Pur-Lisse Sunscreen or moisturizer, or a Balanced-Guru hair oil. These veggies are making me hungry...


Ipsy says: Garden party or relaxed picnic, one of these beauty finds will keep you pretty and polished for any outdoor soiree this month

Hmm, definitely not skimping on the skincare this month!... You will getting either a set of Starlooks eyebrushes... I know they are big with that company. Possibly a new one though! Avene thermal spring water mist, a purple eyelash curler by ? I see this one everywhere. That is just my guess linked there. One or two of  La Fresh Travel-lite makeup remover or cleansing wipes, Derma-E firming DMAE moisturizer, Mee Beauty pure honey night cream, Another Balanced guru type of oil. Maybe the hair frizz oil? Annnnd some type of Bare Foot polish... Ooh, maybe Boots Barefoot Doctor Chi/Qi exfoliating scrub and polish? Maybe one of these? I'm stumped.



Ipsy Says: The anticipation is killing us. We can't wait for you to check out our Fresh Picks for May and show us your spring style.

Really love the natural canvas and color of this month's bag! I'm a green fiend.  I'm excited for everything. I don't think i'll  be disappointed, despite that there's not much makeup this time around. I do miss the mascara though! Hoping that comes back in the future. 

If you haven't signed up for this amazingly cheap makeup subscription bag, you can do so via my link. In turn, I will get an extra goodie If i get two people to sign up and you will too, once someone signs up under you. For $10 INCLUDING Shipping, you REALLY can't turn down this bag. Get on the Ipsy waiting list now! It is the cheapest subscription bar none and often times worth WAY more than the cost!


  1. Jersey Shore Sun, Sans Tan (without tan..) has no toxic petrochemicals and is formulated using all natural, certified organic and Non-GMO ingredients. Sunscreen is so necessary, though the best protection from the sun is protective clothing, a hat and sunglasses! Thanks to Ipsy for selecting some of the highest rated sunscreens on the on the market!

    1. Very true! And I just got the cutest floppy sun hat I can't wait to share.

  2. I would be so excited if I got the Too Faced Bronzer! Thanks for posting spoilers!!

  3. I would love to recieve the Revlon color balm instead of the bronzer :)