Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Have you tried this cult fav #Mascara by #Toofaced ?

Are you Mascara obsessed like me? Do you avidly await the next best thing? I'm on every tweak and I never get sick of trying new mascaras. What if I told you our search for the perfect mascara may be over? It's possible from the looks of  Too Faced's 'Better Than Sex' Mascara. The endless search for that mascara that does it just right for you maybe coming to a climax. Literally, that is what this mascara claims it will do. If it's better than the deed, I think I have to try it. Or maybe it just comes really close. Or maaaaybe it takes multiple applications ;) 

This mascara has a unique hourglass shaped brush. The formula is infused with collagen that is supposed to give you thick, long luscious lashes, and "Smudge proof so you can last all night" The innuendos are too great. 

 Watch this hilarious video and tell me you don't want to try it! It definitely wins creativity of the month.

This is a Fashionista Events opportunity.

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