Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#Ipsy #Spoilers for June 2014 !

It's already that time for spoilers again?! I remember when I first subscribed and it seemed like forever until I could get the next bag. Now, the time is wooshing by! That's awesome though, because I really liked the last bag and am just as excited for this one! The May Ipsy bag had a lot of skincare items I was looking for, such as the sunscreen. I also loooved the color of Revlon Color burst shade I got. That was worth the whole bag's price. Read on to get a taste of the 4-5 products you will get in the next amazing beauty bag that is Ipsy. 

On to the SPOILERS!
(All products are linked for easy info and viewing)

Ipsy says: Headed to paradise with the one you love? Make sure your lips are pout-perfect with one of these pretty picks. Mark your calendar: Glam Room goes live on 6/10! Its time to get excited!

So this is about as obvious a clue you can get. Thank you for making it easier Ipsy! We will be getting one of Nyx's butter gloss? Again, lipgloss. Bleh. Not a fan. Love liptint and lipstick. The colors do look really nice. All within the pink range I love, so maybe it will be doable. I've never actually tried a lip butter of theirs. If it's not as sticky as traditional lip glosses, maybe it won't be bad. I'm thinking the colors you see are Peaches 'n Cream, Maple Blondie and Merengue.

Ipsy says: Every time you close your eyes, it will be paradise with one of these amazing products in your June Glam Bag.

We will get one of the following: 

Ipsy says:  Life is beautiful with two of these exciting discoveries in your bag this month!

We will be getting 3 of the following: 

 I'm a mascara junky and I love Be a Bombshell so I REALLY hope I get the Lash Out! I'm interested in that tinted sunscreen, the cleansing cloths, the DD cream (i've never even tried that!) of course the NYX, just b/c it's NYX , and the last two remain to be seen. I can't find them, but I will! I also don't know if that spray bottle peeking out  is anything.  Oh, the mystery! 

Annnd the 4th Spoiler that was accidentally leaked! 

We will be getting one of the following: 

Annnnd the bag unveiling. 

Well, the bag looks interesting and tropical. It's the same print as one of the Designer's dresses. It looks like it could be cute. I'll save my opinions for when It gets here.  Rebecca Minkoff is definitely a new name to me. 

If you want to sign up to this amazing  subscription for just $10 (that includes shipping!) Get on the Ipsy list here and get on your way to receiving the most awesome makeup subscription you will ever behold. If you click the prior link and sign up, I will get an extra goodie if someone else does too! If you get two people to sign up so do you! Let's help each other out, ya? 

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