Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#Wantable Makeup Subscription box #Review

I received product for evaluation from Wantable. All opinions are always 100% my own and honest. This post may contain affiliate links, which I will make a small percentage of sales through. 

Have you tried Wantable yet? I'm back with another subscription box and this time I am simultaneously confused and excited. Reason being, Wantable is a subscription that is supposed to be contoured to your liking. This is based on the quiz they have you take to see what would best fit your fancy. Well, I got a few colors I don't know how they came up with, yet I also really love some of the products.  Read on for my thoughts and swatches.

I received the following: 

  • OFRA Black gel liner $14.99 - I love gel liner and you can never have too much. I really like the consistency. It's like a mousse texture. Much softer than what I normally use. I've actually never seen it like this. The performance is so smooth and It dries pretty fast, but comes off so easily with makeup remover. 
  • Mirabella duo eyeshadow $30 - The quality of these is very nice and pigmented, but the colors are not something I would wear out. They are play colors to me. check out the swatches down below.
  •  Glam Natural Mineral Eye brow pencil in soft blonde $25 - As much as I love brow pencils, I have almost black brows, so that wouldn't work for me. I can't think of a reason that would be sent to me. Regardless, It will come in useful as part of a gift to a friend or maybe for a giveaway. 
  •  Tini Beauty Lipstick in Cognac $18 -  A VERY coppery, penny color with a lot of sheen. This is also something that befuddles me. It's just not even close to my color or something I would ever choose. However, the quality is nice. Very creamy.
  • Real techniques Retractable Kabuki brush  $10- This I am gaga over. When I touched this brush it was like petting my cat. It's so soft and applies powder nicely. It's a treat to use on my face really. The packaging is really cute and I love the pink color. It's also just the right size to travel with but not too small to use every day comfortably.

Gotta love the personal touch. It's a little something extra that's not needed, but always appreciated. 

As you can see, everything is very nicely pigmented. 

My thoughts on this makeup subscription box are a bit mixed. I love 2 of the products. One is ok, but I probably would never spend $30 on eyeshadow. The rest aren't what I can use and the colors are so off from what I said I liked.  Despite the retail for those 3 products passing the total of the box price ( $ i'm still not saving any money with the other products, as they're not useful. I know these things can be hit or miss sometimes, but I felt this was so random. I think where it went wrong was when I said I "liked" some warm products, but I "love"cooler toned products. That's how I ended up with bronze lipstick. So, in conclusion. I would not say you like anything that is warm when you much prefer cooler colors, and vice versa.  You can't pick which types of products will be warm or cool, so it's a crap shoot. I STILL do not know why I ended up with a Blonde brow liner though. That's just way off.  I don't remember if they ask for your hair color, eye color and complexion, but they should probably do that. I'm thinking it would help the choosing process a lot. 

Well, the great thing about Wantable is that they take FREE returns, so you know they are dedicated to making you a happy customer. I would say give them a fair shot, but answer the questions carefully.  

Wantable also carries a jewelry and intimates subscription box and I have tried the Intimates version. It was REALLY nice, so I definitely recommend that without hesitation. I use all the products I got in that all the time.  

Experience Wantable below. Shipping is free to and from!

Wantable Intimates


  1. I love all the products you got! Those colors are really pretty. The blue and the aqua color I love!

  2. I think I may have to try Wantable out just for fun. I am a Kabuki brush FREAK so that is one product I would definitely love. Thanks for sharing your opinions on the Wantable box!

  3. I'm super jealous of that brush you received! I can totally use that in my cosmetic bag. And that liner looks amazing! I've never used a gel liner before but I'm sure I can get a much more dramatic look with that one. :)

  4. Hmm I might have to try this!! I tried Birch Box for a couple months, but this looks more like something I would enjoy here. :)

  5. I love love love colored eyeshadows, but yeah...those are bit on the intense side. I've tried Wantable a couple times, and they are hit or miss. That's the only thing that stops me from subscribing.

  6. Wow, those are beautiful shades. Can't wait to see you wearing these colors.

  7. I've never tried gel liner before. I've always stuck to pencils since I'm so afraid..LOL! This looks like a great Wantable the colors. :)

  8. I've seen Wantable boxes before including their intimates box and they always seem to have a good variety of products. Thanks for sharing this box. Seems like you got some good shades as well.

  9. I love the blues! very pretty

  10. That's too bad you didn't like all of it. I've never purchased one of the box subscriptions before, because I like picking out my own stuff.

  11. I am loving the black gel eyeliner. The aqua eye shadow looks pretty cool, too!

  12. This Is So Cool And Completely Worth The Price (Sorry Commenting OnMy Phone)

  13. I haven't tried subscribing ina beauty box before but it seems like it is worth it. I love the shades of blues.

    Hopping from Nexus Girls.

  14. Hello! :)
    Wow this beauty box is really so nice!! Love it!