Sunday, July 6, 2014

10 reasons to use Campus Book rentals and Rent Back.

This is an informational post sponsored by Campus book rentals. 

Campus book rentals is a company I like to rave about, because of their costs and great benefits of ordering and renting out your used books. Unlike traditional book buying and selling (getting ripped off by your school)  inside over priced bookstores with lines out the door, you can conveniently secure your books here.  You will most likely get nice cash back for your own used books when you rent back texts.  Gone are the times of frantically finding someone to sell your books to or waiting forever on certain sites that you can never really be sure you are going to even receive from. However, you can be sure that you'll never be ripped off. 

Here are 10 convincing reasons to go with Campus Book rentals. As well as their Rent Back service.

1. You can rent your books and for every student who rents them, you will get paid. Renting your books as opposed to selling them give you potential for a lot more money. 

2. Free shipping to and from! 

3. You can highlight in them! 

4. The rental prices are competitive and by renting you save up to 80%, opposed to buying.

5. You know exactly when your books are shipped and when to expect them.

6. You have a 21 Day Risk-free return period. 

7. Proceeds go toward a wonderful charity called Operation Smiles. It is an organization that donates toward surgeries to repair the smiles of many children with a cleft lip.

8. Flexible rental periods. 

9. Live customer support.

10. You save a lot of money when you rent books and they are one of the first tried and true companies since 2007.

Forbes Magazine called Campus Book Rentals "One of America's most promising businesses" 

Now is the time to start searching for your summer and fall text books or even peruse for some homeschooling you may be doing. They have a wide variety. Check it out! 

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