Friday, July 18, 2014

Buy & Sell Used Baby #Clothing by the Lot!

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Have you heard of Loteda? Loteda is a new marketplace where parents can buy and sell gently-worn children's
clothing - by the lot.

Most sites offer prices per pieces of clothing, but at Loteda, they let you sell in bulk. It's the only site available designed solely for buying an entire season's worth of clothes - in one

The Sizes needed are Newborn - 5T/5

How it works:

Selling: Organize your clothing lot into gender, size and season. Then take a pic of all the items to be sold and fill out the form. When the clothing is sold, Loteda will send you a prepaid bag to mail the items. Fill it with your sold lot of clothes and mail it back free of charge, and enjoy 90% of the profits! 

Or you can choose their Full Service. Send your clothes directly to Loteda and they'll do all the pic taking and work for you.  You will get a 60% cut of sales. 

Buying: Search by size, gender and season and complete one simple transaction for a whole lot of clothes.

RIGHT NOW you can get  20% off your total purchase! Use code: SAVE20. Expires 8/31/2014

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