Monday, July 28, 2014

Stylish and durable Workout Apparel-Time tested.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine. What is your favorite sport or workout? Mine would have to be walking, yoga and a bit of strength training. When I set out to do these things, stylish and comfortable workout a apparel is a must. If it doesn't make me feel somehow cute, I won't do my workout. The yoga pants have to suck in my belly some, to give me the illusion of already being skinnier, the sports bra has to be supportive and keep the girls up looking their best and the shoes have to be seriously durable. Most importantly, everything has to be breathable, comfortable and stylish.  I will spend the extra money to make this happen. 

Whether you are looking for Yoga, running, tennis, swim, workout or laid back spa apparel, Sweaty Betty offers it all in one place, up to size XL. 

They carry an array of very stylish trendsetting looks in quality fabric and durability.  You'll find fabrics like eco-friendly bamboo, Italian fleece, merino, hypoallergenic Q-skin and more. There are bright looks and there are more muted tones, so there is something for everyone's taste. Just by looking at the pictures you can tell how vibrant and gorgeous the colors and designs are, as well as how nicely they hug the female figure. They also provide the added bonus of videos showing how the apparel looks at every angle!

This isn't just an any active apparel store though. They have actually tested and proved the quality of their workout wear. You can find tests like the swimwear trial and the splits test. Find out more through their website, under the Knowledge tab. It's nice to see the proof behind the pictures! 

Sweaty Betty Victory Run Bra
If it were me, I would choose this very durable and supportive looking Victory Run Sports Bra. It is made for medium impact workouts of all kinds and for bigger chested women.  This is perfect for me, as I do not do any strenuous exercises.
Sweaty Betty Pump it Capris

I would pair it with these cute sleekly designed Pump It Capris. They have high stretch and lots of support for intense workouts or runs. The reason why i'd get high intensity capris is because they will last longer down the line. I do 8 min high intensity workouts, which require a lot of  fast moves and wide stretching, so this outfit is perfect for that.  I love the  slimming seam lines and the criss cross v in the back gives these capris a lot of style. 

Whatever you do decide to choose, there is something for every activity and every personality facet at Sweaty Betty.

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