Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Maxi Skirt. A must have clothing piece!

Summer is the time for shorts, capris, tank tops, crop tops and most importantly, maxi skirts! I am loving the maxi skirt fashion craze. The biggest reason I love the maxi skirt is because it's fool proof. There's no way you can look bad in a long flowy skirt that hugs your curves in just the right way. The second biggest reason is that it is SO comfortable. It's so no muss no fuss too. Don't feel like shaving your legs that day? Wear a maxi skirt! Pants feeling too tight? Wear a maxi skirt! I think I have about 5 now, which seems like so little when you think of how many patterns and colors there are to choose from! I definitely need more and judging by the sales at rue21, I think everyone does.

Me in one of my favorite Maxi Skirts

The maxi skirt is essential for every young adult's wardrobe. If you have a teen who must have the next best thing in fashion, definitely check out the latest maxi skirt styles. No teen girl has ever complained.


There are so many cute colors and styles right now, but my favorite is the figure flattering fold top. You can fold it over for more coverage and tummy slimming or you can leave it up for that cute high wasted look that is in right now. Pair it with a crop top that way or your favorite tank and necklace. You will look amazing. Maxi skirts have this way of making anyone look awesome. Chubby girls love them, skinny girls love them. Their fit is so universal and lovely. Maxi skirts work well as career attire, at the beach and at the clubs. Wear one with flip flops and a tank to go shopping, then slip some heels and a jacket on for a night out. 


I need more Maxi skirts! Being a chubby girl on the verge of losing weight, I can vouch for them during this time the most. They fit so well and feel so comfortable during that transition and they will still fit pretty well, given that they stretch a lot. Summer Maxi skirts also transition perfect into Fall. Just add tights and a cute sweater, along with some cute boots and you've got a perfect look without having to spend extra money! 

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