Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trouble with home decor? Roomations can help, in 3D.

This post has been inspired and sponsored by Roomations. All opinions are always 100% my own.
Are you having trouble designing your next room? You may have a few things in mind, but you just don't know what to put where. The mapping out of a design is always the hard part and organizing it in your head is where it becomes confusing. Consider Roomations 3D virtual interior designers to take the work out of designing your next room. 

This innovative service will provide you with professional results and it can all be viewed on a 3D virtual style board that actually shows you a digital rendition of your own room! Sounds fun right? It's like playing a computer game, only the pieces come to life! 

They will take you step by step through this design process and you will have your input throughout the whole thing so that it turns out exactly like the room you want. You will also be able to choose which designer you would like to work with, as they all specialize in different styles.

Roomations is very precise about design. They will give a style quiz to see where your likes and dislikes lie on the design spectrum and then fine tune it later. 

I took the free quiz that pops up as soon as you land on their page. What they came up with about my style was spot on. I love neutral calming colors that depict nature, but I am also very artistic and creative, so I need that splash of color here and there. It keeps me happy and inspired. 

Once you have taken the quiz, spoken with a designer and the digital render of your new room fits your fancy, they provide all product info and what stores to find them. You will make your room a reality, shopping at popular stores like my personal favorites; Pier 1, Target and Ikea.

            Check out some of the Before and After Roomations transformations thus far, and see the happy testimonials from recent clients on their home page.

 Roomations packages range from $20 for sound interior design advice up to the $400's for a complete room makeover and extras, depending on what your desired needs are. Right now, you can get a HUGE discount of 50% off with code: newbie

If you have considerable trouble with your home decor or just don't know where to begin, I would highly recommend this unique, interactive service.

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