Wednesday, August 13, 2014

An easier alternative to a shredder

I received product for evaluation. All opinions are my own.

Personally, I am getting sick of using shredders to conceal my private information. It's a pain to do it, messy and takes a long time. Especially when bills and other private info pile up. When you are done, there is just more garbage to take out. 

There is a solution to this annoying chore, a stamp! The Kes'pon guard your ID stamp will guard your private info within seconds to be safe to throw away. I received both the small and bigger plus size stamps. This stamp is very user friendly. All you do is use it like you would a normal stamp. This special stamp consists of a pad that has random numbers and letters put together so that when you stamp it over anything it makes it impossible to see the info through the oil ink. 

As you can see, the information is illegible with the stamp ink over it. I like to stamp twice for extra safety, but one stamp usually does the trick fine. Some, but not a lot info cannot be concealed. I did not see this as a problem with my documents so far. The stamp is best used on regular paper medium. Thick, absorbent, plastic or coated paper will give you trouble. 

When you run out of ink, you just replace the stamp with a specially designed corresponding ink pad from Kes'pon. 

They also carry a special stamp designed to go on glossy paper, such as the kind that is wrapped around medicine bottles! 

Right now, you can purchase a Kes'pon Guard your ID stamp for 25% off the retail, which is a huge discount I would take advantage of! Use code: BLOG2014 Offer will expire September 30th, 2014 

Try it out, it works flawlessly on bills and your average junk mail on normal paper.

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  1. Oh I need one of those! That really is just super smart!

  2. That's a great idea! I always have to cut my cards and mail like three times to make sure its safe.

  3. This would be so handy! I hate having to drag out my shredder each time I clean out my bill folder! This would be great!

  4. What a cool idea. I haven't seen it before, but our shredder is a portable one you put on top of the garbage and plug in. We use it a lot, and it's a pain to drag it out and plug it in, etc.

    1. I have the exact same kind of shredder. It doesn't have a body, meant to be put over a trash can, but it is beyond heavy and annoying. My last one broke because I put one too many papers inside.

    2. Yep, that's the same kind. It is annoying. We put one or two sheets in at a time to make sure it doesn't break. And I have to store it up high. I told my husband about the stamp he thinks that's a great idea too.

  5. I like this so much better than a large, bulky paper shredder. What a neat idea.

  6. I have a shredder but seldom use it. This would be easier to use!

  7. I have some of these products and they're really nice. I love them all!

  8. My grandma got me a few of these! I love them!! Anything that makes me not to have shred every paper works for me lol

  9. Oh man! I need some of these! I don't own a shredder, so trying to rip up all of the pieces is SUCH A PAIN! I will look for these!

  10. I have seen this before! It is great for a lot of things, I still get a thrill of shredding up junk mail though lol

  11. I need one of these! I don't want a shredder because I have small children and I just don't want the chance of them getting hurt.

  12. Showed this to my husband and he asked me to buy one.

  13. This is awesome. I don't own a shredder. I do the old tear it up as small as you can method. This would be a major help!

  14. thats pretty darn cool! I may try get one for myself!