Thursday, August 28, 2014

Are you infertile? Know your options.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Being bestowed with a child is one of the greatest gifts in this world.
 However, not everyone can have children. Various complications can arise that render a woman infertile and make it impossible, impractical or unlikely that a couple can conceive a child using natural means. Diseases like Endometriosis can do this.

It's devastating news to those so hopeful of having children, but there is more hope in recent advancements in the field of fertility treatments. Various drugs make it easier to conceive a child, and other treatments have been created for both mothers and fathers to overcome some of the difficulties of infertility. A recent advancement allows for surrogate mothers to overcome difficulties that a mother may have by either transplanting the egg that has been fertilized or by fertilizing one of the surrogate's eggs with the father's sperm. This allows another woman to carry the fetus until it is born.

 There are two types of surrogate mothers: Traditional surrogates have their own eggs impregnated by the father's sperm. This is typically used when the mother is able to produce the right environment for the child, yet is unable to conceive using normal means. Gestational surrogates are much different. They allow a mother's egg to be harvested, then implanted with sperm using in vitro fertilization. The egg can then be implanted into a healthy woman who meets the requirements to become a surrogate. This allows a woman who may have trouble carrying a pregnancy all the way through to have a child who is still biologically her own.

 Regardless of the type of surrogate, there are still a number of questions that must be asked of the surrogate before anything can be done. Only around 5-10 percent of women are able to become one after requesting information on becoming a surrogate mother. They must both opt to become one and fulfill certain requirements, which usually includes having one or more children in the past and a certain degree of education.

There is hope and there are plenty of willing surrogates waiting to help you.

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