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Home cooked meal ingredients delivered to your door. With Shwan's. #Review #Recipe

It still perplexes me that I have never even heard of Shwan's Food delivery. Of course, i've heard of the food label, but never knew they delivered high quality meal  ingredients right to your door! I have heard people raving on about Shwan's for days. Apparently, I had friends who fed their whole family a few times a month with this service and was totally unaware, for years! They say it has been a lifesaver. Especially for the working moms, with multiple kids. After all the praise this company got, I was eager to try it for myself. I was ecstatic to get a taste of this very convenient service. Shwan's offered me a pretty discount to order food with and I obliged without a second thought.

My order consisted of what you see above and more. I really wanted to sample a sort of smorgasbord of what they had to offer. I decided to get most of my food from the Live Smart menu to keep on track with my healthy eating, and throw in a wee bit of indulgence. They are known for their deserts so I couldn't pass that up!

My Choices (Primarily from the Live Smart Menu)
  • Multigrain Loaf (Live Smart Menu) - This is SO good. They come in individual small loafs and cook up in the microwave or oven. I rec oven for that crispy outside and soft fluffy inside. PERFECT for burgers and sandwiches! (See Recipe below)
  • Southern Style biscuits - They bake to perfection, Nice and crunchy on the side and soft and chewy inside. They claim to be like home cooked southern buscuits and as much as I liked them, not quite there. Still really good though. I guess it depends how good of a buscuit you have before.
  • Salmon burgers (Live Smart Menu) FAVORITE so far. So flavorful and fresh tasting on it's own. Fries up in 12 min flat!
  • Mediterranean veggies (Live Smart Menu)  Even though frozen, these lightly seasoned veggies tasted fresh. Packed with loads of yellow squash, zuccini chunks, asparagus and carrots. My absolute favorite blend of veggies.
  • Boneless Skinless Chicken breasts ( Live Smart Menu) Frozen individually and easy to cook straight from the freezer or thaw out over night in the fridge. They come out so juicy and tender.
  • Pretzel poppers- These were just a simple yummy treat. Pretzel bites filled with sweet cream cheese. Nuff said.
  • Garlic red skinned potatoes- This pack comes with individually frozen balls of potatoes that are simple to just cook up in the microwave, with a little bit of added milk.
  • Black Cherry Frozen Yogurt (Live Smart Menu)  - This was so creamy and so delicious. It had big chunks of cherries and plenty for each serving. There is nothing less tasty about this than ice cream. In fact, I love it more b/c of the lack of fat and calories in comparison.
The Customer Service

I had no trouble ordering and getting updates on when I should expect my food to arrive. There can be up to a two week wait, depending on when you order, but that just requires a little bit of planning on your part. I love the fact that they accept EBT cards. That is a huge help for some people and really hard to come by, especially not delivery wise. I've never seen it offered for anything delivered.

My delivery guy was a pleasure to meet. He was very prompt and very polite and even offered to take the heavy bag inside.

 Competitive prices and Quality selection.

Most of the prices are competitive, but there are some foods that don't come cheap. Namely the meats. I grabbed some Salmon Burgers and their popular Boneless Skinless chicken breasts from their "Live Smart" menu to see if it's worth the extra money. I can say without a doubt that most of this is high quality stuff and each pack comes with usually more than 2 servings. The chicken cooked up very tender and juicy, but the Salmon was so flavorful on it's own that all I really needed was to add some garlic. It was outstanding. Both meats tasted extremely fresh, even though they came frozen. This is because they are flash frozen individually at their peak.

My Sweet & Salty Salmon Burger: 

  • 1 Salmon Burger (Cook as directed on bag)
  • 1 multigrain loaf
  • 1 serving of Mediterranean veggies (cook as directed on bag) 
  • 1 tblspn Veganaise, Lemonaise or regular Mayo
  • 1/2 teaspoon Braggs Amino Acids or you can use regular or low sodium Soy sauce
  • Handful of Sweet butter lettuce 
  • 1 tblspn Garlic powder or 1 clove fresh minced garlic
  • Cook salmon burgers as directed and add 1 tblspn garlic, splitting it up on each side of the burger while you cook. Takes all of 12 minutes to cook! 
  • Mix together the Braggs and Veganaise and spread on whole wheat bread slices, before adding anything else.
  • Add sweet butter lettuce, then salmon burgers.
  • Serve with a side of  Mediterranean Veggies. (These should be cooked while everything else is. The salmon and the veggies take about the same amount of time.)
This really is one TASTY Seafood burger, packed with a load of nutrients and protein!   

 Easy, Fast Preparation

There truly was nothing I didn't enjoy. I had no trouble preparing anything and most of it took less than 10 minutes. Lots of microwave friendly food, but all can be prepared on the stove and in the oven as well. My absolute favorites and what will probably be my go tos, are the Chicken breasts, Salmon burgers, Multigrain Loaf and the Black Cherry Frozen yogurt.

Save Now! 

Right now I am excited to offer my readers Coupons for $10 off and more the more you buy!  This is a HIGH value deal that won't last long. Expires: 09/30/2014 I highly recommend you check these guys out. There are so many family friendly meals that are healthy and great for when you are in a big time crunch or just don't want to put much effort into it all! Especially great for those that can't cook and the elderly. If  you're cooking for a large crowd during the holidays, this could make it tons easier!

PLUS, with every order, you earn points in Money! I got over $3 toward my next purchase! 

                    Have you already tried Shwan's? What did you think?

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