Thursday, October 16, 2014

Never miss another deal or #coupon - With the #Shopular app #sp

Thanks goes out to Shopular for sponsoring this post and discussion.

Have you ever driven or walked past a store and wondered "Hmm, I wish I knew what was on sale, without having to go in" ? Of course you have! Who hasn't? Well, just like everything else nowadays, there's an app for that!

Read on for more and a Halloween CONTEST to win $500 to your favorite store! 

Sure, we can rummage through sales circulars, but that's a lot of sales circulars! Yes, we can google everything for information and that will take forever. We do have the help of each individual store and their apps, but if you have a lot of favorite stores, that can take up a lot of room on your phone. Not only that, but who wants to keep track of all that and you can't have them all running at the same time, or your battery will be dead in minutes! Who wants to switch from one app to another when you can do it all in one place and more with the FREE Shopular app

Shopular is  FREE and Apple and Android Friendly with the latest operating system.  

Once you allow access to Shopular, it will track when you are near your favorite stores to give you the latest deals and coupons being offered!  

After Shopular has been given permission and loaded, you will see a menu with choices to filter everything by your specific malls and shopping centers. 

You can easily search and add your favorite stores for fast access and edit later. All information can even be sent to friends and family! 

Setting up this app is very easy and user friendly and literally took me no time at all.  I added my favorite stores and the deals popped up right away. The app shows you deals ending soon and weekly ads for each store! Basically everything you'd find in a newspaper or online store all in one convenient place. It also conveniently pops up any deals when you are near the store, but only the ones you choose to know about! It is not one of those annoying apps that inundate you with things out of nowhere. You are in control of what it does. 

Here is an example of one of the adds for a favorite shop of mine. Simple to use, information right away. I was just a few blocks from Game Stop and decided to check out the new game figures. I have a friend who is obsessed with Marvel Comics and wanted to see what they had for potential Christmas presents. 

Shopular users can also comment on different ads and share information with each other,  as seen here. Someone is clearly excited about Skylanders! 

Shopular couldn't have come at a better opportune time than right before the Holiday Craze. This will be  awesome to use on Black Friday and every time between now and then. So the next time you go shopping, download this easy app and check it when you are near a mall. It is definitely worth the look. Normally I can't stand checking each store app individually, unless it has a coupon app that I need to use to apply to merchandise at checkout. I am really enjoying this app! 
  • Over 4 Million shoppers already use Shopular to save!
  • Shopular has over 40,000 of the top retail locations in the US in the app like Target, Walmart, Kohl's and Macy's

Shots taken from Iphone.

So i've told you about this cool app, but here's the more exciting part, Shopular wants to offer you a chance to WIN big ! $500 big from any retailer of your choice! Hello Christmas covered and then some! Read the details below and keep them handy for October 27th! Good Luck! 

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