Monday, October 13, 2014

Sensitive teeth be gone with Crest Sensi-Stop

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The holidays are when everyone inevitably shovels all the amazing eats into their mouths, but if you have sensitive teeth, this can be very bitter sweet. If you react to anything with sugar, there may be an answer for your torturous toothdom.

Crest Sensi-Stop strips use one fast acting ingredient,  oxolate, which acts to prevent your teeth from getting sensitive to certain irritants, such as sweets, hot and cold foods and beverages. The same ingredient that they use in professional settings. Many of us use straws or hesitate to eat certain things because of this, but Crest Sensi-Strips have been used all over with great success for a lot of people.

Application is very easy. These semi-transparent strips are adhered to a paper that makes it easy to just peel off. Then you simply apply an individual strip to the sensitive area around the gumline and wait just 10 minutes for the relief to begin.

 How does it work? 

As mentioned, the ingredient oxolate, works to bring the oxolate crystals into the tubules of your gums to quickly block what allows the sensitivity into your gumlines and teeth.

So if you suffer from tooth sensitivity, i'd say definitely give it a try. Everyone has a different result,  but a lot of people find relief for as long as a month. These strips really may be your answer in a convenient little totable box. Caution: Do not use on infected or diseased gumlines.

This holiday bring these strips to your family outing and just sneak in the bathroom to apply. That way you will never have to deny that temptation for ice cream or a nice hot beverage, again! 

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