Friday, November 28, 2014

#WIN an iPad Mini and other prizes by using the Shopular app this #BlackFriday #ad

Thanks to Shopular for sponsoring this discussion and offering us an awesome giveaway! 

So I have been using this great app called Shopular. I used it with my most recent haul and it was a big help. It is a huge de-clutter when hunting for sales and ads for your favorite stores. It allows you to see it all in one place and only the stores you need and want to see. If you are out about shopping at the mall, it will pop up all the great deals going on at that second so you don't miss a thing. It shows you coupons as well, and it's fully customizable. There is also a chatting feature where you can leave comments and get information from other buyers. It's a great app and did I  mention it's a FREE app? It's what I think is the best platform for all your shopping needs. I have been enjoying it a lot. 

Here are some examples of the great deals going on right now. These popped up while I was at my local strip mall, with some of my favorite stores that I set up the app to tell me about. I am all over some of these deals, like the 50% off everything at Old Navy! 

Shopular is also having a contest for everyone who uses the app and shows it on their social media. It's SUPER EASY to enter. Just snap a pic of the app in action on your phone while shopping today, Black Friday or the days remaining until 11/30 at 11:59 PM PST. 

You can enter on any one of their social media sites:

 For exact info on how to enter on each social media site, go to

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