Saturday, December 27, 2014

DIY Lighted Wine bottles for New Years. No drilling required!

I was researching ways to make lighted wine bottles and all the ways I found required you to drill a hole in the bottle for the wiring to go through or other ways that weren't as eye catching and pretty. I really wanted that look, without having to drill holes, so I decided to use some battery operated led lights that I had purchased recently for Christmas. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's flu season! Avoid germs with #GiantMicrobe reminders!

It's about that time again when everyone goes back to school or their jobs or they're around a ton of people during the holidays. The time when people get a little too close for comfort. The germs are a flying and it's a crap shoot where they'll land, but your chances of getting sick are much higher when you don't wash your hands, you can be sure.

Congrats to the Winners of the Snapfish by HP $100 Gift Card!

Congrats to the 2 winners of the Snapfish by HP $100 Gift Card! 

Stephanie L and Rose S, e-mails have been sent. Please reply within 48 hours or new winners will be chosen! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

#WIN an #HP Touchscreen Laptop!

Introducing the most exciting giveaway of the season! Who is in need of a new laptop? I'm guessing a good majority of you would love to win this for yourself or your child! Now is your chance to enter! 

 There are 2 ways to win, so be sure to read everything! 

Good Luck!!

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Last minute shopping? Me too! Shopular is the easiest way to find digital coupons on the go! #ad

Special thanks to Shopular for sponsoring this discussion. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Are you still last minute shopping for those hard to gift people in your life? Make sure you check out these coupons on Shopular, because they are spectacular. They are all pretty high  value at Stores like, Target, ULTA and Barnes and Nobles. I have raved about Shopular a lot lately. About how the notifications are really helpful and convenient. That everything you could ever want to know about your favorite stores and deals is all in one place. I showed you my shopping haul, price comparisons and how it was so useful when I was looking for deals.  What I haven't focused on yet is the coupons!   
Shopular supplies you coupons that not only show you how much money you can save, but they are scannable right from your phone. You don't have to print anything out. More and more stores are switching to digital coupons to save paper and time and appease the people who can't print their coupons. I think it's awesome, because I can definitely save some ink! 

For example, I was driving around and my little shopping BFF popped up with this 25% off anything in store Barnes and Noble Coupon. Um, yes pls! These notifications are perfect for the last minute hard to shop for giftees this Christmas. I am still working on my mom and she loves books, so I went to check out Barnes and saw a few things I could get her. I ended up with a quote book and a pretty bookmark as part of one of her gifts and this 25% coupon came in so handy! 

Then, This Target coupon for Christmas supplies popped up when I was going to pick up a tree. I had actually seen it before and forgot all about it! When I bought my lil tree, I saved $10 off $50. I bought lights and ornaments and the whole shabang! I have a small condo with just me and the bf, so this 3ft. size was perfect for us. I got the snowflake topper at Target as well. 

And THEN a high value ULTA coupon popped up with an awesome $5 off $10! Which I just couldn't justify spending that day, but I have until the 24th and I will most likely go back because this is a RARE one! 

What's more? 

All these coupons can be sent to your phone from your computer! Just click any link from your desktop and view the coupons. Then click "send to my phone" and a link will be sent to you. 

So many coupons, so little time! Happy shopping everyone! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Get a #FREE box of Graze before this deal runs out! #ad

Hurry! This deal is so awesome! I already get this subscription and it's wonderful. I would not steer you wrong. In fact, I loved it so much , I added another box to my weekly deliveries. It's just $6 a box and that INCLUDES shipping! BUT right now it's completely #FREE to try! Get your #FREE Graze snack box here.

This is a pic from me raving about it on my instagram a few months back.
My absolute favorite is their apple and cinnamon flapjack. Get subscriptions as gifts for the people you love. They will not be disappointed !

This post contains affiliate links, through which I may get a small percentage of your purchase. Thank you for the help. 

How to get straight hair fast and effortlessly.

Big thanks to Vocalpoint and Instyler for sponsoring this discussion. All opinions are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links through which I will make a small percentage from your purchase. Thanks for your help! 

If you're like me, you have naturally curly hair that you love to straighten pretty often. You may also have two heads of hair that tend to frizz like me too. Well, I have just discovered up and coming revamped products by Instyler that make both of those nuisances a lot easier to control. 
Instyler has  3 different styling tools.

Each tool is a workhorse! They make waves, give you body, flips, get your hair dead straight or give you big or tight curls! They do it all in their own ways. 

The Instyler Max 2 way straightener and curler 

I chose to focus on the Max 2 way barrel straightener with a brush attached.  The special thing about this tool is that you can just close fast two times and the barrel changes the direction of it's rotation! I love the barrel technique and it is actually better than my flat iron. No joke! 

It does so much in so little time. Seriously, I thought I loved my flat iron, but I still get slight waves with it sometimes. With the 2 way, it just gets it dead straight, because of the soft brush and barrel motion pulling as it heats your hair. Yet it gives you the shape you want, depending on which way you turn. I like the classic inward flip for my layers. And it stays so shiny and bouncy. Sometimes, I like to follow it up with my own wave shape. It's just fun to play with!

 I always put a heat protectant in my hair when using tools and this gets pretty hot, so make you sure you put on protection ;) ! I started out low and realized I had to get up to the 3 out of 4 settings to get the results I wanted. 3 is my perfect heat setting. For those with very tight cork screw curls, you will want to use a 4, but a 3 may work too, depending on the thickness of your hair. 

Using this took me about 20 min. I found that I had to go over every spot twice, but it gets it pretty straight just going over it the first time. The second time is to make it lay with less poof. I am not kidding when I say I have thick unruly poofy hair! As you can tell. 

After I straightened I tried out a light curl. 

It is a little confusing at first to grasp exactly how to hold the iron, roll the hair over the barrel and twist your wrist a little. Not gonna lie, it took me a few tries, but I like to make everything complicated! You have to be sure the barrel is facing your scalp when wrapping the hair around it. When I got the hang of it I thought the curl was very nice. I was looking to do a bigger cork crew type of curl, but I think I need more practice to get it bigger.  You have an insane amount of variety with these tools!

Another amazing feature to this tool - the automatic cooler

There's an automatic cooling off switch after a certain amount of minutes. So if you happen to leave it on, which I don't recommend, it'll eventually turn itself off with the handy dandy attachment that comes with it. (See first closeup. It's the little ball at the top of the barrel)  so make sure to screw that into the top. The directions will tell you this.  I also find this much safer to use than my chunky flat iron that I have come close to burning myself with more than a few times.

There you have it. You can't see me using sections of my hair, but I did. The trick is to use small sections and work your way slowly down. Don't tug hard, let it do it's magic! 

 Here's a short video of  me proudly flipping my newly straightened mane with the Instyler Max 2 way. ( Note, there is a wave on one side from the curl I demonstrated,  to show the waves you can make.) Shampoo commercials, where are you? I'm here! ;) 

Stay tuned for a giveaway on one of these tools coming soon!! 

Dying for one of your own right now? Get 30% off and purchase an Instyler tool here today! 
Use Code SAVE30 for the 30% discount on the line of InStyler tools. The code is good through 1/31/15 !

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lovespoon Soy candles. Love at first sniff.

I love candles, but I'm pretty sure that's no mystery. What I don't love is candles that aren't the healthiest for the environment or you. This is why I usually use Wax Warmers or Soy wax candles. They emit little to no harmful chemicals into the air and this is very apparent when you use them.  Normal wax candles give off so much black soot and it is just not good to breathe that in. 

Today, i'm here to introduce a company called Lovespoon, which accurately named, I truly have fallen in love with.

Firstly, Lovespoon candles are native to FL and they ship all over. I'd never heard of them until I was contacted to do a review. Let me just say off the bat, these are some potent and very lovely smelling 100% soy candles!

Gearing up for a New College Semester with Campus Book Rentals!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

*HOT* Deal Alert! $50 worth of #YesTo products for only $10!

 SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I got my $50 for $10! Go get yours before it expires tomorrow December 8th! I am stocking up on the blueberry wipes. LOVE those things so hard! Make sure to choose things NOT on sale or the code won't apply. Otherwise, have atcha!! (This does NOT work on mobile)

Capture Memories With a Personalized Photobook this Year.

Special thanks to Shopathome for sponsoring this discussion.
This post may contain affiliate links through which I get a small percentage. Thank you for the help.

It's the Holidays again! I cannot believe it,  but I say that every year! I can never believe just how fast it comes around again. Once July hits, it's like I stepped in a time machine and came out  5 months later!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Price checking on the go made easy with Shopular.

Special thanks to Shopular for sponsoring this discussion! 

Price Checking on the go just got easier!

So I have been checking out several different price checking apps to use while shopping. This is a new thing to me, but so is my much tighter budget. I have always been frugal and forever looking out for deals, but it was so annoying to have 10 different apps open and googling all the live long day or scanning products for info. I want to make sure I get the best prices, but I don't want to do all that work.

Enter the Shopular Shopping app. This app does a lot of things in one little spot on your phone. You can search for coupons, deals and it automagically detects when your favorite stores have deals that you happen to be near. It's great. It's your shopping BFF and did I mention it's FREE? Yup.

I was shopping in Target the other day and looking for specific products that I couldn't get on Black Friday and also searching for the "Black Friday again" deals in stores. Shopular showed me many different stores with the same products. I was able to quickly and easily compare all their prices in one place.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Can you avoid all technology to spend time with people 1 hr/day for a week? I challenge you.

I'm challenging you to the Tech-Time Out. Do you think you can take it? 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the ever growing need to be connected to the internet or your phone 24/7?  OK, stupid question, BUT, do you ever think about maybe taking a break? I'm not talking look away from your phone for 15 minutes or  not check your email for a few minutes. I'm talking about a real break where you step away from EVERYTHING electronic and just...regroup. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Get a #FREE Credit Score and Credit Report, before it's too late! #ad

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#Win $50 worth of #YumEarth Organic candies!!

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Looking for healthier ways to treat your kids without filling them up with unhealthy sugars, additives and preservatives?  Well, YumEarth Candies is an excellent choice! I can tell you right now, I have had these and they taste NO different from your average candy. You will love them. I promise!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Get a 3 Month Subscrip to #BuluBox for just $10! Here's how. #ad

Are you interested in discovering healthy products for you and your family?  Then the Bulu Box may be for you.

Win a $50 Target Gift Card. Plus, a General Mills Prize Pack!!

Win a $50 Target Gift Card + General Mills Prize Pack!

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