Friday, December 5, 2014

Can you avoid all technology to spend time with people 1 hr/day for a week? I challenge you.

I'm challenging you to the Tech-Time Out. Do you think you can take it? 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the ever growing need to be connected to the internet or your phone 24/7?  OK, stupid question, BUT, do you ever think about maybe taking a break? I'm not talking look away from your phone for 15 minutes or  not check your email for a few minutes. I'm talking about a real break where you step away from EVERYTHING electronic and just...regroup. 

Tech Timeout is challenging me and Today, I am challenging you to do this for 1 whole hour. Yes, you heard me. 1 whole hour of nothing, but the sounds of chatter or just simply spending time with someone you love. You can even be silently reading a good book together. You may experience withdrawal symptoms, such as the the strong urge to see what people are up,  to update what you are doing on your break or mild sweats from worry. It's ok. LIFE WILL STILL BE THERE WHEN YOU GET BACK.

My Tech-Time Out Experience

My first day on the tech challenge yesterday consisted of visiting my complex manager dept and bringing them freshly made pumpkin spice cookies. I thought you know what, I work at home and I know they are there in the office all day.  I should just go over and give them a surprise. I may even earn brownie points ;)   So I walk in and their eyes jump out of their head when they see the tray of cookies. Luckily they weren't allergic to the ingredients and they loved the cookies. They also said that they honestly have never had someone randomly stop by with treats! So I stayed talking for a little. They loved the cookies and I could tell they were so thankful and just shocked. Haha. Kind of sad that they were shocked eh? This used to be a regular occurrence back in the day!

Once I get home,I stay away from all electronics, even though obviously I wanted to updated my fb status about my good deed. I read a book that had been collecting dust and enjoyed a leftover cookie or 3, until the hour was up. 

I want as many readers as I can get to do this challenge. 

Just take 1 hour out of your day to take a walk with someone, read a good book with someone, or teach something new to your spouse and/or kids! Exercise! Play with your kids! Or hek,  even take a nap with someone!  If you are at work, wait till you get home and take your break. 

Over a year ago, Foresters, a financial services provider with a purpose to enhance family well-being, launched a courageous initiative called Tech Timeout. It challenged families to take a daily scheduled break from their electronic devices. And in no way did it promise to be easy. But with the impact that the growing proliferation of digital devices is having on family togetherness, the stakes could not be higher.

Foresters asked families to literally take a pledge to disconnect once a day for a week. At they could sign the pledge, share it on their social media pages, and print it to be displayed in their home. They were also given tips on how to fill this downtime with low-tech activities – things like board games, volunteering, playing outdoors, or just talking to one another.

The response was huge. But the work is not done yet. There are still more parents and families to reach with this important message. 

I encourage you to take the “Foresters Tech Timeout Challenge” and pledge to go tech-free for an hour a day for at least a week. With Christmas and New Years fast approaching, there is no better time to connect with the people you love and maybe play a fun board game after a dinner at the table, do a fun DIY project or just talk!  Maybe make it more than 1 hour! Gasp! 

Follow them on FB and maybe share your experiences?

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