Sunday, December 14, 2014

Last minute shopping? Me too! Shopular is the easiest way to find digital coupons on the go! #ad

Special thanks to Shopular for sponsoring this discussion. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Are you still last minute shopping for those hard to gift people in your life? Make sure you check out these coupons on Shopular, because they are spectacular. They are all pretty high  value at Stores like, Target, ULTA and Barnes and Nobles. I have raved about Shopular a lot lately. About how the notifications are really helpful and convenient. That everything you could ever want to know about your favorite stores and deals is all in one place. I showed you my shopping haul, price comparisons and how it was so useful when I was looking for deals.  What I haven't focused on yet is the coupons!   
Shopular supplies you coupons that not only show you how much money you can save, but they are scannable right from your phone. You don't have to print anything out. More and more stores are switching to digital coupons to save paper and time and appease the people who can't print their coupons. I think it's awesome, because I can definitely save some ink! 

For example, I was driving around and my little shopping BFF popped up with this 25% off anything in store Barnes and Noble Coupon. Um, yes pls! These notifications are perfect for the last minute hard to shop for giftees this Christmas. I am still working on my mom and she loves books, so I went to check out Barnes and saw a few things I could get her. I ended up with a quote book and a pretty bookmark as part of one of her gifts and this 25% coupon came in so handy! 

Then, This Target coupon for Christmas supplies popped up when I was going to pick up a tree. I had actually seen it before and forgot all about it! When I bought my lil tree, I saved $10 off $50. I bought lights and ornaments and the whole shabang! I have a small condo with just me and the bf, so this 3ft. size was perfect for us. I got the snowflake topper at Target as well. 

And THEN a high value ULTA coupon popped up with an awesome $5 off $10! Which I just couldn't justify spending that day, but I have until the 24th and I will most likely go back because this is a RARE one! 

What's more? 

All these coupons can be sent to your phone from your computer! Just click any link from your desktop and view the coupons. Then click "send to my phone" and a link will be sent to you. 

So many coupons, so little time! Happy shopping everyone! 

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