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Enter to #win a $100 Walmart Gift Card courtesy of Cover girl!

My good friend and fellow blogger has an awesome giveaway up for your chance to win a $100 Walmart Gift card. Check out her detailed video below using cover girl's items to get that "bombshell" look and enter today! It only goes for 5-6 days! Good Luck! 

$100 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway Featuring the CoverGirl Bombshell Collection!

*Products in this post were received in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and may differ from yours! The Walmart gift card and information have been provided by CoverGirl.
CoverGirl is an iconic make up brand that has been around as long as I can remember. Watching America's Next Top Model's  CoverGirl finale episode was my absolute favorite episode when I was growing up. I can still remember wanting to play with my mother's make up and wanting to be a "CoverGirl"!
With the all *NEW* CoverGirl Bombshell Collection, I can now get that CoverGirl look any time of day! The newest collection features numerous and colorful eyeshadows, voluminous mascara and precision eyeliner so you can be flaunt that gorgeous bombshell image!
download (1)
The collection includes the following...
Bombshell Volume mascara is now the best-selling CoverGirl product at Walmart! This entirely new mascara experience, unlike any other two-step offering available, features a first-of-its-kind Boost System that has two brushes and two formulas for MEGA VOLUME and DRAMATIC INTENSITY.  It’s time to take lashes way beyond big.  Shades: Very Black, Black, Black/Brown and Brown
-          Step 1: Extreme volume basecoat that loads on the volume with a big brush and mega-volumizing formula to thicken lashes; the result is volume that’s even and clump-free.
-          Step 2: Dark, intensifying topcoat that seals the look with a dark, smooth finish; the proprietary micro-thin lacquer offersmaximum impact and lasting power in just one coat.
With big sexy Bombshell volume, you need sexy shimmer and shine shadow that lasts all night. Shine Shadows feature reflective pigments that play with light to bring dimension to any look.
-          Available in six buildable, blendable, get-me-noticed shades, each shadow is easy to apply and leaves behind a creamy shimmer finish.
-          Shades: Ice Queen, Platinum Card, Color Me Money, Gold Goddess, Copper Fling and Ooh La Lilac
Bombshell eyes can be intense – and your liner should live up to the look.
-          Intensity Liner is a precision felt tip pen with a smooth formula that glides on for a little or a lot of deep, dark sexy.
-          The longwear liner is available in two shades, Pitch Black Passion and Chocolate Kiss - both providing liquid intensity for 24 hours of sexy Bombshell eyes.
Check out our mini CoverGirl make up tutorial using the newest CoverGirl Bosmbshell products!

Now nter to win a $100 Walmart Giftcard! Good luck! Open to USA residents who are 18+ years old. See rafflecopter for more details.

Do you love #Ramen Noodles? This is a must see!

This post has been sponsored by Rapid Ramen. We've all been there, eating ramen noodles for pennies on the dollar, because it's all we can afford. Ramen is very popular among those struggling college students and I was one of those, but this cheap delightfully filling over-sodium packed favorite is also still consumed by many out of college and beyond. I know I haven't seemed to kick it just yet. I'll eat it now and then and bask in the fact that while i'm still forever on a tight budget, not as tight as back then. 

I know you're thinking, "Ok, seriously, why am I reading about Ramen noodles? Now, I want some Ramen noodles! Curse you!" No need to curse me. I'll tell you why. 

Have you ever had trouble heating the ramen all the way through and just settled for it half hard ? *raises hand* Some may like it a bit crunchy but for me, I like authentic noodledom. Has Ramen been just a little too salty for you (ok, ridiculously a lot) but you managed because you were starved?  Maybe you think the best way to cook it is the slow stove approach.  Well, I think you should take a look at the  Rapid Ramen cooker . What at first glance looks like a normal bowl quickly shows that it can make the perfect bowl of ramen, fast in the microwave. It is said to cook everything while distributing heat perfectly even and that is a big plus, but there are several other reasons to like this nifty invention.... 

What to expect from the Rapid Ramen cooker.

  • A square shaped microwavable bowl.
  • Rapid cooking time obviously, and only in the microwave.
  • You can put the ramen noodle block in whole without having to break it up.
  • Heat resistant handles- No more burning your fingers off with those Styrofoam cups.
  • No more poking holes in the Styrofoam cup with your fork trying to break everything up, thus creating leaks. *raises hand*
  • Less damage to the environment not using Styrofoam.
  • Reduction of sodium. Which has never been done before cooking ramen, until now.The Rapid Ramen Cooker only requires one cup of water, compared to the normal two cups. Thus, you only need to use half the packet of the seasoning and that lessens the sodium by half. 
  • BPA free/Toxic free for the health and chemically conscious. 
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Cooks in 4 min.

 The creator gives you great noodles, but he also gives the mentally and physically challenged like his own sister, jobs. He provides work to help manufacture these bowls, which I think is pretty awesome. 

 I have been reading all over how great this thing is and get to try it out soon. At just  $12.99 + $4.74 shipping , you can have this little workhorse for yourself  through Amazon and it looks like it's made pretty durable so I'm almost guaranteeing it will last you a long time.

Need I say this would make a perfect gift for a college student.

Pamper yourself with Little Moon Essentials #bathsalts

This post has been sponsored by Little moon essentials. This Valentines day, why not pamper yourself a little? You deserve it. No really, you do. Sometimes, all it takes is to hide away from all your cares in the bathroom and run a hot bath  with amazingly scented bath salts that enrich the bodies with healthy oils and lift your spirits with cleansing scents like lavender.

I know that I don't do that often enough, but trying out Little  Moon Essentials reminded me that I need to treat myself more with the little things in life like soaking in that hot bath. It also sadly reminded me to clean my bathtub more often. Mine alone. There is little that I love more than aromatherapy baths.  I have been so comfortable with the right scent and bath salts that I have many times fallen asleep during the spa like experience. I don't recommend that without a bath pillow and some kind of an alarm like a yelling otherhalf or child. ;) It just feels so good and it's so easy to drift off into another world. I also suffer from Exzema on certain parts of my body, especially on one elbow and luckily, these salts are designed to treat it. 

They're not just a regular old Aromatherapy joint though, they have hilarious and interesting names to entertain you.

This is one Mineral bath salt soak I definitely want to try, for the name alone, Tired old ass soak. Along with it's best friend,  Ass Kisser Body Damage Cream. 

Little Moon's story:

Little Moon Essentials was started by a woman who suffered from Exzema as well. As an  Aromatherapist and Herbalist, she concocted her own special mineral salts, that include organic ginger as the main active herb in all of them,  for its therapeutic healing properties, and pure essential oils. Her goal was to soothe and treat skin. She made a gallon jar of this stuff and it sold like crazy, so crazy that it was gone the next day. Her dream became a reality, the company flourished and Nineteen years later, Little Moon Essentials is an international success.  All her Body care is 100% natural and is great for detox, passion, sports recovery, skin problems, and much more. 

At just $5.50 a bottle I don't think you can go wrong with these. 
Their cute little message states that Nature has a remedy for everything, Little Moon just bottles it for you.  I love their scent choices, there are so many to choose so you will definitely find what you're looking for. They have also branched out into many different pampering products like oils, candles and bath toys. 

To learn more and keep up with promotions, visit their Facebook

Experience the new #Hotornot #app!

Have you ever used an online dating app that allowed you to rate pictures of people and have your pictures rated by them for free? Does it sound like a fun en-devour? Then read on. 

Remember that online dating site called Hot or Not? I can date it back to at least 2001, when I was in college. I used to be on there all the time with a friend finding interesting people to talk to. It had a huge variety of people. I stress the word variety. It was fun at that age and enabled me to skip the pain in the arse that was blind dating. Some may find this superficial and while yes, of course it is. Aren't we are all superficial to an extent?  It's not all based on looks, but seeing what our maybe potential partner will look like and getting to know them prior to setting up any kind of committed date is a lot more convenient than showing up to a blind date that turns out to be awkward where you have little in common and may not be attracted.  

We live in an instant gratification society, where everything is made easier with apps in a busy world. Dating is part of that equation and I think, despite the name, it's a lot like any other dating site. Though, I would say more triggered to the younger crowd. 

Even if we didn't find someone that fit our fancy, we had a lot of laughs and fun perusing the site. 

Using the App was incredibly easy. It downloaded on my android without a hitch and I signed in via Facebook.

Once signed in, the next step was to upload some pictures of myself to be rated. This step went just as fast as the other. Then, it is just a matter of waiting for someone to rate you and contact you. 

 Here is an example of a random man on the site that was rated and made 3 friends since using the hotornot app. Person censored for privacy purposes. 

I had a fun time reliving this experience via the Hot or not app. It was nostalgic and interesting to see it in app form rather than on my desktop. I have to say, It would have been a lot more fun if I could have had it portable like this. Picture being bored waiting for a an appointment or class and wanting a little pick me up. Go to Hot or not and see who rated you. Alternatively, you may get a rating that you could have done better without knowing, but always remember that one person's poison is another's aphrodisiac. One person's trash is another's treasure. There is someone for everyone and not everyone will be attracted to you. 

To learn more  and see some hilarious vines of people using this app, visit the Hot or Not Facebook Fan Page

Have fun!

Right now- There is a Hot or Not sweepstakes for your chance to win a $1000 Gift card to any retailer of your choice! Will you be lucky enough? Enter here for a chance to win!   

Winner will be announced February 15th 2014! 

Good Luck! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Never have #pantylines again!

This post was inspired by Shibue Couture. I received product for evaluation and all opinions are 100% my own. All too many times, I have been plagued with pantylines showing and they somehow often happen to be with my favorite pants! It's kind of like how when you wear white, you're asking for stains. Speak of the devil, white pants. The only way I can wear those is without panties, which I can't do. So I settle for a very long shirt. Honestly, I've grown to hate underwear all together, aside from the little fact that it protects your precious from being invaded by germs. So I feel it's kind of mandatory, unless technology advances to the point of invisible protective shields one day. We can dream. 

 If you are like me and have trouble with these pesky things, I've got a product to introduce that you just might love. It's called the Shibue. A genius idea to eliminate pantylines for good. This gem covers your front and backside with silicone adhesive that stays put even when you sweat! You just stick it in front and bring it toward the back. There is no needless bum or hip coverage and therefore no pantyline embarrassment. 

I tried this out and I can vouch for what it claims. It does stay in place no matter how sweaty you get or what you may be doing. The Shibue sits safely in place and lasts all day and best of all, it's machine washable!  It's very comfortable and I did not feel any sort of reaction to the adhesive, which can happen a lot with me. Some band-aids will make my skin freak out. It's made of silicone gel adhesive so that shouldn't be a problem for you, unless you are allergic.

This is great for skirts and this one pair of yoga pants that I could never wear without having a long shirt covering my whole bottom. ANY underwear I have tried has resulted in pantylines, so this is helpful.

Am I the only one who wants to Vagazzle this thing up, add bows and cute adornments? I think that would be really cute. They do come in a heart shape for Valentines day too! 

They come in Nude, Mocha and Black. I received the mocha as a sample. Their size range is XS up to XL. 

You can find out more about the Shibue and explore their other adhesive products, such as their strapless bra cups, on their website and Facebook

Monday, January 20, 2014

FREE products from Mirenesse #cosmetics Just pay shipping! HURRY!

Mirenesse is holding a FREE Trial RIGHT NOW. If you didn't get a chance to take advantage of their 50% off sale last week, you should snag these now! All the product is 100% FREE. Not kidding! There are no hidden fees. All you pay is shipping and handling! Lots of FULL SIZE makeup available. It's running for a couple of days so hurry! I have a review coming up on this awesome cosmetics company too. They also have a subscription box you may be interested in. Stay tuned makeup junkies!

Update: Shipping is high. I just saw that when I put things in my cart, but it's worth it for 1 or 2 products, considering the products themselves are mostly over $30. 1 product for me was $10.99. Probably because i'm in the US and this company is based in AU.  I think i'm going to get their curling mascara, priced at $35.96. It looks amazing. That will be $10.99 including s/h. 

Why should #bloggers choose #Markerly for sponsored posts?

Meet the Markerly Team

I was asked to facilitate a sponsored post with 100% my own opinions. I obliged, as I am a fan of this company. 
Calling all bloggers! Are you looking for paid sponsored posts that contain interesting topics on a wide variety of subjects? I am always looking for the most valuable sites to advertise my work for companies. We as bloggers want to be compensated fairly for the effort we put into our articles and reviews and there are too many companies out there who will try to take advantage of what we offer. On the other spectrum, there are bloggers who indeed take advantage as well.  Enter Markerly,  a place that will deliver bloggers and companies what they deserve. They base your compensation on a variety of things, including your reach and traffic, but do not base everything solely on traffic alone. 

Once you sign up with Markerly and supply all the needed information, you will hopefully be accepted and then the journey begins. They make it easy to know when new opportunities arise, because the PR on their team will personally e-mail everyone according to their niche and designated reach. Depending on what the sponsor is looking for, you will or wont be accepted and are notified in a very timely manner. Once you are in, the process is simple to go through from there. They e-mail you all the details, so you don't have to hunt for everything on your own. The links are commensurate with FTC guidelines, so you don't have to worry about anything being no-follow or not. I love the fact that they deliver everything to you. It's quite convenient and they are a 24/7 operation there to answer your questions at a moments notice. If you have to ask, that is pretty rare! 

What is Markerly looking for? 

  • They are looking for a wide variety of bloggers in different niches, but more importantly a blog who engages their audience and is passionate about they do. Specifically blogs with over 10,000 in unique visits and/or 3 comments per post. 
  • They want you to share on social media to get the most benefit for both sides, which is easy and expected of any post. 

What Markerly can do for you: 

  • Increase and widen  your audience
  • Increase your traffic 
  • Give you 24/7 support 
  • Give you interesting topics to cover 
  • Prompt payment via Paypal within 48 hours
  • They also supply something nifty i've never seen for blogging, called a  heat map that tracks what your audience is clicking on. 

  • You can also expect to be offered great products to review that fit your niche.

I have done several interesting topics through Markerly. Ranging from online class reviews to high end sport fashion head phones. They pay pretty well and there are always new and interesting topics to cover. I am impressed with Markerly's fast customer service and constant evolving. I will definitely stick with them for sponsored post opportunities. This budding company  is worth your time, so check them out and sign up today.

Check out what others have to say about Markerly in the press


Achieve #vintage decor with City Creek #Candles

This post was inspired by City creek candles. I received product for evaluation. All opinions are always my own. I loooove candles. I love the scents, the many styles and it's relaxing watching the fire on the wick dance around. I think though that my love may be not so short of an obsession. I buy 3 or 4 at a time and have wax warmers going at the same time that I burn candles. I just can never get enough.

 I did a review for (you can see here) and now I'm excited to introduce another company under them, City Creek Candles. They sell beautiful candles and wax melts of different styles, sizes and scents. 

The candle I chose to review is from their Heritage collection. This is a very aged and vintage style that I love. The candle comes in the scent warm vanilla and it smells amazing. Very akin to freshly baked vanilla cupcakes. This 4 wick candle is huge! It is filled with 30 oz of wax and the 4 wicks make the throw outstanding.  I love the way it looks as a center piece on my living room table and have gotten quite a few compliments from visitors. When it's done burning, which will take forever, I will use it to hold a bunch of  nick knacks. Pottery like this is so pretty and will always be re-purposed in my home. 

They also have matching candles to go with this one that look great together. Here is a sample of what they look like all together. A very pretty set up right? You can own this same huge candle for $34.99 and the smaller ones cost less. This candle will last me a long time, so the price is worth it. 

As much as I love candles, I hate the smoke and soot that comes with them, so I always make sure to use my candle snuffer to drown the wick and eliminate most of that. It's better for the environment and you like breathing clean air, right? 

To find out more info and keep up with promotions, follow City Creek on their Facebook 

Go #flameless with Candle warmers

This post was inspired by Candlewarmers. I received free product for evaluation. All opinions are always my own. Do you love oil warmers? I am obsessed with burning wax melts and oils and can never get enough unique looking artistic warmers. I am constantly selling older warmers to buy new ones. There are just so many colors, types and designs that I want them all! Every one is like a  piece of art to showcase in each of my rooms. 

 I love candles as well, but warmers have the most amazing throw. They are better for the environment, as they emit a lot less soot and chemicals. The huge plus of warmers is that there is no risk of fire. You still have to be careful obviously, but there is no worry that it could tip over and catch anything on fire. It's also much more kid friendly and no more smoke accosting your face blowing it out. 

They can instantly bring a calming and lovely ambiance to any room with the plus of beautiful scents that fill up your place in seconds. Especially the kind that light up like this Fleur De Lis warmer above, from  I use this as a night light sometimes and when all I need is a dim light. It's great, because it doubles as that and aromatherapy. Perfect for relaxing after a long day.

One of my favorite scents is vanilla and a pack of  Warm Vanilla scented wax melts came with this warmer. They smell sooo delicious. Very reminiscent of vanilla cupcakes baking. Burning scents like this is dangerous, because it makes me crave what they smell like! I have burnt these same few melts for weeks now.  It comes with 12 pieces and only 1 or 2 are needed to get a very strong throw.  A little goes a long way and they last forever! 

This warmer is a plug in and has a convenient on and off switch on the wire. It works by heating up melts and oils with the heat of a bulb. It heats up very fast and the scent that fills up even a big area, lasts a long time. Hours longer than any candle ever could. It is constantly being heated and thrown into the air so that you'll always smell the scent. The bulb should last quite a long time and when you are ready to repurchase one, they are not very expensive at all. Only 1.99 -5.99! 

I really enjoy this warmer and it has been perfect for the fall and winter, but now i am craving a more spring time look and they have many beautiful ones to choose from. I might just get my next one from them, because their prices are competitive. This one was $16.99 and that is a really good deal. 

This is just a peak at the many products they sell. There is so much more to be seen, such as candle warmers, hurricane lanterns, wax melts, accessories and more. 

Go flameless and Support the act of burning safer with warmers today!

Follow Candlewarmers on their social media sites to keep up with the latest promotions.

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#FREE South Beach Diet Starter Kit!

   UPDATE: They are all out, but will probably be coming back for more. Will have it up again when they do! 

A $55 value absolutely free! Go here: It's timing out for some, but if you keep at it and refresh you should get it. Good luck! 

Included in your Starter Kit:
  • A Welcome Guide that introduces you to the principles of the South Beach Diet® and how it works 
  • A variety of three (3) tasty South Beach Diet® Bars 
  • One (1) deliciously different South Beach Diet® 100-calorie Snack Smoothie 4-pack FREE coupon 
  • High-value coupons on South Beach Diet® Bars and Smoothies 
  • A 14-day free trial of, our online subscription program 
  • Free shipping and a lifetime guarantee when you purchase The South Beach Diet® Supercharged. If you're not completely satisfied, return at any time for a full refund. 
  • 10% off your first week purchase of NEW South Beach Diet Delivery frozen meals

* Update- I had trouble with the form not loading on Chrome, but Firefox worked great! 

And the winners are....!

Giant Microbes Christmas set of your choice
Dawn S.K.B.

Giant Microbes computer virus keychain of your choice
Jill C.

Blush Maternity $35 GC 
Nicole K.

California Delicious $50 GC 
Anna H. 

Congrats!! E-mails have been sent. Please respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. Thank you! 

Yves Rocher's Hydra Vegetal #review

As a 30 something year young woman, one of the worst skin issues I battle is dry skin. I went from being an oil slick in my 20's to a desert and It's been a painful transition. Sometimes literally. I get the flakes and the redness and dryness just invites wrinkles. So of course I'm always willing to try out new creams, lotions and potions to combat this ongoing issue. Moisturizer is  very important and I use it every day, along with sun screen.

This is why I was excited to try the Hydra Vegetal line from Yves Rocher. So far, none of their products have disappointed me. You can see my review on their anti aging global line here.

The Hydra Vegetal trio I received includes the following: 

The 2 in 1 makeup remover and toner smells amazing. It's a very fresh plant like scent. It definitely got the job done, without leaving my skin dry. This 2 in 1 is meant for combination and normal skin and it is free of  parabens, mineral oil, coloring, or silicon.  So it is a very gentle combination for your skin. I loved the way this felt while wiping my makeup off. It was refreshing and it also didn't take too many swipes to get it all off. It did leave my face a bit sticky, but that went away after a few minutes. 

The Hydrating Day Cream also has a fresh plant scent that I like. This cream contains an SPF of 25 and goes on really smooth. It combines the popular sunscreen chemicals octinoxate, octisalate and Zinc oxide. It also contains a chemical i've never heard of called ensulizole. Some people may be senstive to the sunscreen ingredients, but my skin tolerated it well for the day. I usually prefer only Zinc or other forms, but I am open to trying new things. My skin irritates easily, that is why i'm so picky. Along with the controversy over sunscreen chemicals. This cream is extra emollient going on the skin. It blends in like a dream. I'm going to continue using this through the warmer months to come and see how it fairs to others, but I really enjoy how moisturizing this is and that is very important. This claims to leave the skin visibly plumped and uses special Botanical Saps that have the ability to penetrate all layers of the skin. It definitely does leave my skin more supple and soft. It is also free of parabens, mineral oil and coloring.

Lastly is the the eye bag gel. This also has a wonderfully fresh scent like all the others. I like to keep this in the fridge so that when I apply it in the morning as directed, I get a nice cool blast underneath my eyes. I suffer from major bags and dark under eye circles and I'm always looking for something to help reduce the appearance of them. I know i can't cure them, but i'll try anything to calm them down.  This claims to lighten the eyes, illuminate and moisturize. It is free from parabens, mineral oil and silicones. I can't say I saw a marked improvement in anything from using this, but I still have a ways to go and it is also very moisturizing. I love the feel of this on my skin and will continue to use it to see if it makes a difference.

Overall, the hydrating factor to all these products is top notch. It does what it claims to do and that is hydrate, moisturize and tone. I think it's worth a shot to check it out, if you have normal to combination skin. My favorite of all the products is the Day Cream. It's incredibly emollient and the sun protection is exactly enough that you don't need to add more! 

Right now, you can purchase these products for half the cost during their sale! Happy Shopping and here's to happy skin in the New Year!  

Help Cost Plus World Market reach 1 million fans & enter to #Win! #WorldMarket1MMFans

Join  me to help Cost Plus World Market in reaching 1 Million Facebook Fans!

Once they get there, they'll give away a trip around the world!!

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Get #cashback when you #shopathome! NEVER shop online without this!

ShopAtHome Banner

Fashionistas, are you saving money every time you shop? I hope so, because with cashback, you can make a good handful of cash every time you shop. 30% and higher of what you buy to be exact! 

Other reasons to join
  • Recieve $5 for every friend that signs up!
  • Receive 1,300+ Grocery Coupons
  • 8,000+ Free Shipping Coupons
  • $50 million+ saved through Cash Back rebates
  • Cash Back rewards at over 5,000 top store
  • Connect with 40 million savvy shoppers
  • You cashout at just $20, which doesn't take you long to get there at all. I just joined and i'm already at $9 from shopping two stores!

This is the best site for cashback, hands down! It has everything at your fingertips when in need of coupons and free shipping and you'll use it much more than you expect to. It's like Retail me not and cashback merging into one. You'll love it! Happy Shopping and helping each other make money! 

Stay fashionably warm in a #Fraas #scarf

I love accessorizing in the fall, winter and spring and one of my all time favorite ways to do that is with beautiful and unique scarves. Not just any scarves, I mean something that makes a statement. I love animal print, skulls, cats, just any kind of unique design you can think of, I am all over it.

This is why when I was introduced to FRAAS, I was so excited to receive a scarf from them. They have so many styles to choose from. I was really impressed with what I took out of the package. A very pretty medium silvery zebra striped type of design set on a lighter silver background, with lots of sparkle and a slight frayed edge. This scarf is so stylish and HUGE. It is 12' X 80'. I was amazed at the size. Wide and long enough that once the summer arrives, I can use it at a pretty table or lamp cover. It is a thin material, but not too thin that it won't keep you warm! The exact material fusion is made up of 55% Acyrylic, 35% Viscose and 10% Metallic, which is what gives off that gorgeous sheen and sparkle. This scarf is a special one and needs special care. That is why it can only be hand washed and hung dry.

I live in Florida and it is still very much cool enough to be sporting scarves, which is a rarity over here. I am loving it up as long as I can with my favorite scarves like this one. This particular style comes in black, silver (what i'm wearing) and gold. They are all very pretty and this silver one goes with almost everything. It coordinates very well as a neutral color and adds sophistication with a whimsical feel. Scarves like the 360528 Metallic Zebra style are the easiest way to really spruce up and make an outfit. The scarf retails for just $35.

 FRAAS is a German company that carries a wide array of different scarves, many of which are very bold and colorful looks, perfect for spring and summer. Here are examples of some that I love from their website:

See what I mean by bold and colorful? How gorgeous are these. I especially adore the second one with the greens and pinks. Among my favorite colors. 

You can purchase these from fine retailers all over the globe, on their website and some are offered on Amazon. You can also call: 212-575-0191 for more info and ordering.

This post was inspired by FRAAS and I received free product for evaluation. All opinions are my own.

#Win a YEARS Supply of #Dr.Pepper!

Friday, January 10, 2014

#Cat #skulls and #Galaxy prints. Does it get much better than that? Flash #fashion sale!

I have been on the hunt for new places to shop, but I didn't want just another store. I wanted something with really unique pieces compared to what i'm used to. Something creative, edgy and just completely different from what I normally wear. I love the simple look, but sometimes I'm in the mood for something more fun and playful. Then Sheinside contacts me and ends my search. This is exactly what I was looking for. Things you don't see sitting in the window of GAP, Old Navy or Target. things you can only get online or at boutique stores you can't afford. 

She inside is not something i've ever seen before. They carry everything from street style to conservative pieces. Upon my perusing, I discovered so many weird and wondrous designs I feel I need to own. Think cat skulls and galaxies. Nothing is typical in this place!  I have found so many pieces that I would love to have from this fashion store and I can't wait to share them with you. Especially given their huge 60% flash sale going on right now! 

To give you a good idea of just how unique and varied Sheinside is, I'm going to showcase some of my absolute favorite items. 

Let's start off with this amazingly creepy, yet gorgeous half cat half cat skull designed top. It's called the Apricot Lapel Long Sleeve Cat Print Blouse The detailing is superb. It's a really nice transfer of artwork that we see here. I can tell it's quality when I maximize the picture. This inordinate beauty is on sale for $25.97 right now during their flash sale. I feel like I have to have it in a bad way. There is definitely no duplication I've seen! 

Take a gander at this galaxy printed Thrasher jacket. What an awesome twist on a formerly plain jacket. It is called the Multi Hooded Long Sleeve Galaxy Print Jacket. Personally, I am huge fan of the galaxy print trend and have been meaning to make my own version of it for my pillow cases and a shirt. I'm a bit intimidated by it though and mind could never come out as good as this. Sometimes it just worth spending the money on a nicely crafted one. Such a gorgeous pattern and for only $19 during the flash sale!

 Multi Hooded Long Sleeve Galaxy Print Jacket pictures

Moving on to the more cutesy side of things, we've got this adorable collared polka dot dress. This is super cute and great for the weather right now, just pair it with some coordinating stockings and some cute heeled ankle boots. This is perfect for spring as well with a pair of blue navy flats or sandals. I like the vintage school girl look. It's different and fun. Especially the polka dots on it. This is called the Black Long Sleeve Polka Dot Belt Dress and it's only $24.95 

How bout something really artistic and completely unexpected? An era theatre print on a really nicely formed dress. Seriously, I don't think there's much they don't put on clothing as a print and I love that! I am crazy for this print. I guarantee you will be a rarity at any party in this. It is called the Blue and Red Cap Sleeve Theater Printed Midi Dress and it's $40.92. A little bit up there in price, but I'd pay that much for a commodity like this. Plus, EVERYTHING includes FREE Shipping. 

Ok, this dress is also amazing in a less surprising, but still beautiful way. I love the design and color of this dress. It has such a nice fall, great sleeves for those that worry about their arms and a stylish complementary pattern to it. The lines draw you away from a certain aspect of your body, but more toward the dress as a whole. I love the added bow belt. It tops everything off on the pretty package that is you. This is perfect for date night or just out and about. It is called the Blue Ruffles Short Sleeve Pleated Chiffon Dress. The feel and fall of chiffon material is so soft and a treat to wear. Definitely worth $36.94 and it comes in XL for those of you who are a little more woman like me. Pair this with some cute navy blue or white flats or heels and you are perfect. 

As you can see, this is a store with nothing short of  a lot to choose from  and I didn't even cover their accessories. I'd be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn't find several things they absolutely adored. Even your hardest giftee would be stopped in their tracks. I wish I could afford everything I just showed you , but I am really eyeing down this dress and that cat skull blouse. I just might have to splurge...
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What are you going to wear for #Prom night?

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Prom night is a magical time of whimsy and adventure for most. Though before the princess gets carried away to the ball by her pumpkin coach, there is the problem of picking out the perfect dress! Anyone that has done this knows it is not always an easy task. I remember traipsing around from store to store trying on one dress after the other and still not being able to find THE one. It was a headache getting everywhere and honestly sad that there was not enough time in the day lol  Even more sad that most girls have to settle on a dress that they like but don't LOVE, because they are confined to whatever stores are near them.

One of the many reasons I adore online shopping. No running around like a crazy person required. You don't have to go to that fancy store with better sales an hour away when everything you need is just a click away. If you're worried about sizing, you just have to make sure that you order soon enough that you may have time to exchange dresses.  

Dress First is a beautiful store I discovered recently that puts an end to the prom dress excursion mayhem.   Truly, they carry every style and color of dress you could ever want, so you are sure to find something that fits your fancy. 

Onto the incredible eye candy of  Dress First...

This sky blue princess style sleeveless dress reminds me of a fairy tale. The detail on the upper half  features a beautiful chevron like v design that is very flattering to the midsection. Then it flows out into this fluffy sparkly dream cloud right to the very bottom. I love the transparent layers and how it just shines so bright. I would pair this with a gorgeous silver necklace with maybe a matching blue stone pendant to really play up that D├ęcolletage.

If you're looking for something more short and playful, this is the dress for you. Elegant, conservative, yet a little on the flirty side. I absolutely love this lavender color, but all these dresses are custom colored. Can you believe that? You can choose any color you want! I feel like I would need to get my favorite dress in each color lol Also, the detail on the upper half is just so ornately gorgeous. I love the beading and the way the sleeves hit just at the shoulder. 

Or maybe you're looking for something more eye catching and less conventional. This bold red and gold number has a lot of flare and sure to get you recognized. The zig zag detail is very creative and I definitely guarantee you'll be the only one wearing this at prom. 

Lastly, this is the most stunning sleek and classy dress I have seen in a long time. If you want something conservative with gorgeous adornment, this is the dress for you. I absolutely love the detail in this dress, especially the very flattering empire waist. How it criss crosses is unique and very slimming. The way it puffs out just a little before the stomach area leaves room to hide any insecurities that lie in the midsection. That back though, is flawlessly beautiful and the silver color is perfection. This would be the one I would pick, hands down. The retail for this is $210, discounted to $162 with free shipping. I would buy this in a heart beat. Well worth the price! There are many other discounted prom dresses where this one came from. 

They even have a wide range of accessories to really make your whole look shine.  The below silver earrings would go perfect with my dress choice. Gah, doing this whole article makes me wish I was going to prom all over again. I need to go find a fancy ball to attend so I have an excuse to buy that dress! 

There is just so much to drool over on this site and I am now on an official mission to find my reason to shop here. Finding a dress for Prom is like playing dress up all over again as a kid. It is fairy tale like and you want the perfect dress to showcase the memories you will make. You will definitely find that here. 

Right now, you can take advantage of  many discounts on prom dresses! May you find the dress that makes you feel like the princess you always wanted to be!