Saturday, January 3, 2015

3 FREE High quality Canon 8"x10" Photo prints + FREE ship!

Free High Quality 8"x10" Photo Prints From Canon

Click here and create a NEW account. If you log in with your old account it might not show you all 
3 printers to choose from so I suggest just making a new account.
Once you are logged in, Select one of the 3 printers from the drop down menu. 
Click submit.
Click "Choose file" and select your photo to upload. Then choose what kind of paper you want to print it on.
 You can scroll down the page to see description of each paper.
Crop your picture the way you want it, confirm and submit.
If you want more just start from Step 1 again and choose a different paper/printer.
  As per the rules here: Only one sample print per printer per household is allowed.
 Which means you can do up to 3 prints if you choose each printer.
Thanks to Heavenly Steals for this deal!

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