Saturday, January 3, 2015

Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? Use Shopular for deals! #ad

So, many of us i'm sure didn't get all their hearts desire for the Holidays. Well, now is the time to find those new years deals! Everything from clothing to Holiday storage is on sale and for a limited time! So this is the perfect time to grab your phone and make sure your Shopular app is ready and raring to give you the best coupons and deals for those sales and clearances! Just make sure it's on and it will automatically deliver you information when you are nearby these stores or you can look them up yourself all in one place.

The great thing about Shopular is it is fully customized so that you only see the stores you are interested in, but you can always search for more! You can also easily print out deals on the Shopular Website, so you have no excuses. Especially when it's FREE. Get all you need in ONE place without having to lift a finger on another app!

Examples of some great sales going on right now. Just put your your favorite stores in the search bar and voila!:

Happy Shopping! This is a great time to buy birthday and Valentines gifts! 

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