Sunday, January 11, 2015

Shower Upgrade with Danze!

It's a new year and new things are abound!

It's a new year and with that comes new things! Some of which will undoubtedly be new home improvement. Whether it be in all areas of your dwelling or just one, there will be changes. How can there not be when new inventions and designs are forever being created.

Shower upgrade!

In my case, I am looking into redoing my bathroom in a whole new theme. And it will start with new fixtures, such as a new shower head I have been wanting to install for eons! I have always wanted a bigger one with multiple settings that poured down on me like rain. Alas, I kept putting it off saying there are so many more important things to do around here. Well, not anymore! We need to treat ourselves once in a while. And really, should It be a treat to have a nice shower? I think it should be a necessity for everyone to have a waterfall shower head.

Out of the choices for bathroom faucets from DanzeI chose the 4 1/2  5 function chrome shower head.  It boasts a lot of features, such as it's wide center jet, massaging function, that rainfall feel and the strength it gives the water sounds really nice. It claims that no matter your water pressure, the water will hit you harder.

I really can't wait to get this thing installed and working and it looks like a pretty simple task. I have back issues and I am looking forward to feeling the relief of a hot pressured shower. Normal showers feel good, so this should be a spa like experience. I'm hoping for me anyway, I have light water pressure.  I'm trying to not hype it up too much, yet at the same I am really excited to use it.

Stay tuned for the big unveiling in the future!

What are you planning on doing different in your dwelling? Any special additions or transformations? I'd love to see!

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