Friday, January 9, 2015

Simple Ways to Start Giving Back

Give back through creative and inspiring charities. You don't even need to donate money to help the cause. Just your time and effort and a few caring words or creations to those who need it most. 

Don’t have a lot of time on your hands? No problem - it’s super easy to give back in just a few minutes. You can help make the world a better place without sacrificing any of your own responsibilities with these easy tips.

1. Simply look into an organization that you want to start working with. You may not have time now, but if you make a plan, you’ll already be started once you have a bit of time on your hands. Check out the Sing for Hope organization, the Kind Campaign, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, or anything that you’re passionate about.

2. Take ten minutes to create a greeting card for a child who could use a smile. There are websites that will provide information about sick children who would love to receive a letter. Make a card with kind words, drawings, and stickers, then send it off in the mail.

3. Love animals? You may not be able to take on the responsibility of adopting a pet, but you can volunteer at your local animal shelter. You’ll have to do a few not-so-glamorous tasks, but you’ll also be able to play with the little balls of fur now and then, too. You can show up when you have an hour or so free.

4. The next time you’re baking for your family or friends, double the batch and drop off the extra at a senior citizen’s home or soup kitchen.

5. Send an e-mail to a soldier. It only takes a couple of minutes and it’ll cheer up a military member who’s far from home.

6. As you’re out and about throughout your day, pick up litter that you say laying around.

7. Small acts of kindness can go so far. Compliment someone, pay for another person’s coffee when you’re at a cafe, tell somebody when they’ve dropped something - do the things that you wish people would do for you.

Contributing your time or money, or simply doing small acts of kindness, will help you bond with people, strengthen relationships, and teach others the importance of compassion.

Photography by: Sing for Hope.

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