Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Choosing a Mother of the Bride dress.

It's a special day for the Bride and you want to look as good as you can for the occasion, but you don't know where to turn to. So you peruse all the dress stores near you and there is nothing to be found or not within your budget. If it is in your budget, it's not in your size! Sound familiar?  Why not try something online ? You are limiting yourself by not seeing what's available on the worldwide web. 

There is a wide variety of dresses that will make you feel like you are princess or at least a queen. Obviously you don't want to overshadow your daughter, but you want her to be proud of how you look. You aren't the shining star of the occasion but you can take some of that spotlight being the one who brought up such a wonderful daughter. After all, she did come from you. 

It has to be figure flattering, but what style fits your fancy? Halter straps, thin straps, thick straps, no straps, basic or something more ornate? What's your favorite color or do you have a specific one to go by for the wedding?

Regardless of the special need, there is the perfect dress waiting for you. Here are some gorgeous styles from in every color imaginable. 

If you are plus size, a cute but elegant ruffled front with more roominess may be something that would interest you. The lovely matching transparent cardigan helps disguise the arms and pooch as well.  The deep purple is also a dark flattering color for the whole physique. 

If you have larger hips, opt for a shorter flowy a-line type dress, like this. Something loose at the hips and tapered at the waist you will always look stunning in! I love the jackets to these. They add a lot of class and if you get hot, you can just take it off.

If you are more slender, then you are lucky, any style will usually do. Straight and strapless with decoration on the bodice paired with a matching shrug is the most elegant look in my humble opinion. It shows off your curves or helps create some, by concentrating on the waist and bust. 

So now that you know you should feel just as special on that day and have some ideas under your belt, which of these mother of the bride dresses will you pick? 

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