Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Ideas for what to include in a College Personal Care package.

Getting the right care package ready for your daughter, niece or friend can be a task. Especially when you know they are picky. I like to narrow it down by category. For example, one month will be a food package, one month will be a pampering package and one month it will be a personal package to battle those more not so fun days.

A personal package is something I haven't seen much, but given that its focusing on the crappiest time of the month, it is something that will be very appreciated. These kinds of packages are really inexpensive to boot. 

In a personal care package, you want to focus on what's new with the latest technology. 
First and foremost, don't underestimate the power of a good pad. U by Kotex pads are designed with capture core technology to help keep you stain free. Anything to help keep stains away is great in anyone's book!

  • Lots of chocolate goodies. For the time leading up to that dreadful week.
  • I'm a huge fan of taking warm baths when I get cramps. They really help and so do invigorating bath salts and bombs. 

  • Tea, to help sooth their cramps and tummy. There are special versions just for that time of month too. 

  • Pain meds and de-bloaters: Pamprin, Midol, Advil. You'd be surprised the worst possible situations when some of us run out! 
  • Makeup to make them feel extra pretty on the days that they feel far from. Think fun lip colors and whole face looks like a smokey eye package or a palette that holds everything in a compact way. Such as this e.l.f. studio 22 piece mini on the go palette. It's smaller than her iphone! 

  • Another idea is to put the makeup, chocolate and whatever else fits into one of your cute IPSY bags! Surely you have enough to spare! 
  • The best tampons and pads they probably don't want to go buy, such as the new U by Kotex with 3D Capture Core* technology to help keep you and your undies leak-free. These new pads offer much more coverage and support to keep you feeling confident, even in your whites. Yes, I actually wear whites with these! U by Kotex also come in a convenient fashionable drawer! Again, concentrating on compact. In College, there is very minimal space usually and this is a great way to help them organize things taking up as little space as possible. When anything comes with storage that is a plus living the dorm room life. 

You can also get a FREE SAMPLE of U by Kotex pads here! Become an #UnderWarrior with me and save your pants from one more stain! 

  • Some other ideas to take it one step further would be to add their favorite magazine or perhaps a book by an author they love. Or a book full of inspirational and feel good quotes. A good movie on DVD. New music by their favorite artist . Anything you know they have had their eye on. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Preparing for summer classes? Save money by renting your books!

This sponsored post is in accordance with FTC guidelines. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Most of us are thinking about vacation, sun, sand, margaritas, being lazy, but some of us are planning our next text haul for summer classes. I've been there and I would struggle trying to sell back the books I already had in order to get the money to buy new ones. I'd use ebay, amazon etc, but back then I didn't have Campus Book rentals.

The new Cord-less Dyson V6 Fluffy Vacuum. A dream for my bad back.

Dyson was kind enough to supply me with a vacuum, in exchange for my honest opinion. This review is in accordance with FTC guidelines. 

EDIT: FOLLOW UP. Just wanted to follow up. I have had this 7 months and it still works amazing. Just make sure to clean it regularly when it gets full, which is pretty fast! But for such a lightweight small vacuum, it really is worth it's price tag. 

A lot of vacuums are being created with our needs at the forefront. Long gone are the cumbersome, heavy, corded and hard to move vacuums. Replaced with lighter more compact models that have a lot more to offer. Especially, the new Dyson V6 Fluffy

I may cancel Ipsy in favor of Boxycharm. Plus, May 2015 spoilers!

I may have to cancel Ipsy in favor of boxycharm. I have been pretty underwhelmed with the world of Ipsy as of late. I still get a product or two I like, but it's almost always in such a minuscule size that I can't keep convincing my rational brain paying $10 is worth it. Sure, I love getting two makeup surprises a month, but I'm on a budget here and I have to be picky....yet I can't seem to quit it!