Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fillers for wrinkle reduction. Is it worth it?

We all want to stay as youthful as possible by the least invasive measures. Well, surgery really doesn't have to be resorted to a lot of the time.  There are a myriad of ways to stay looking young without cutting your face! One of the best being Juvederm. Read on for more details about this great harmless alternative with real results and why I would do it myself.

About Medical Fillers

One of these precautionary measures is treatment with medical fillers. Medical fillers are regarded as the most sophisticated cosmetic procedure that the current technology and medical science can provide us. Even though the treatment is quite simple (injection of a drug in certain places), medicines such as Juvederm are the revolutionary ingredient. Today, pharmaceutical industry provides us with a solution to almost any ailment. However, most of these solutions have a price: side effects are quite unpredictable. Unlike most other drugs, medical fillers are quite harmless; they can be absorbed by body and they do not pose a long term threat.

The Secret lies in the components.

 The secret lies in components that are used for the drugs. Most of the modern medical fillers use hyaluronic acid as the basic ingredient. This substance is present within the skin and it is important for hydration and creation of skin cells. As long as we have enough hyaluronan, our skin will be able to produce new cells and refresh itself. As we start getting older, body is no longer able to produce adequate amounts of this substance. By using Juvederm, we are able to supplement our natural production of hyaluronic acid and to fill the wrinkles with this substance. It comes in a form of smooth gel and patient will not be able to tell the difference between the filler and his natural skin. Treatment is used for lower parts of the face (such as nasolabial folds, jaw line, mimic wrinkles and corner of the mouths) as well as neck and cleavage area.

Short process and Long lasting results.

According to Doctor Medica team, Juvederm can be potentially dangerous if used on neck and cleavage. This area has numerous blood vessels that can be easily ruptured. This is why you will have to have an experienced medical professional for treatment of these particular areas. Treatment lasts for 15 minutes. In most cases, you won’t even feel the sting because doctors use thin needles for the procedure. Drug will last from 9 to 12 months within the body. After that, you can administer additional shots. Have in mind that each additional shot will prolong expected duration of hyaluronic acid within the body. So, if you are a regular patient, it means that you can even save some money on Juvederm.

Very low risk of side effects

 Side effects usually appear within a week after the treatment. They usually include allergic reactions and various skin irritations. Luckily, severe side effects are very rare.


Given the relatively lower cost compared to surgery, the very low risk of side effects and the convenient use,  I would definitely get juvederm injection here and there when the time comes. Even If i had the money to throw down for cosmetic surgery I probably wouldn't do it for a very long time. The side effects and recovery can be worse than you'd imagine, not to mention how long you'll be out of commission. Having a safe much more affordable way to reduce wrinkles is the way to go.

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