Monday, July 6, 2015

Ring in the new season with jewelry styles that speak volumes.

Recently, I've been perusing different ways to style my outfits with more "bling" I've never been big on chunkier style jewelry, but it's beginning to grow on me, quite literally. Gone are the days of  just thin dainty jewelry. Sure, I still use it and love it, but other options are a must. Variety is a must. I like to show my style in a bigger way. 
One of these ways is through wearing rings and bracelets. These are the center stone of jewelry.  Pun intended. They are in your face, they move with your hand movements. Hand movement shows everyone's personality by far. Hands are what we use to communicate our words every day. They're the busiest parts of our body! 

One of my favorite ways to show off my ring collection is by stacking. Check out this article on how to ring stack. If you've never layered rings before, they have some great ideas mixing chunky with thin styles! 

If I want to be unique, I always go for handmade rings like these. These rings are like wearable art on your fingers! So much depth and style. Gorgeous  swarovski crystal colored gems embedded in silver plated alloy metal. Green and pink are my top favorite colors and combined with silver compliment my fair skin tone well.

The right ring or any jewelry can make a pretty outfit look amazing.

Do you know what looks best on you?  Check out what style of jewelry and coloring best complements your complexion, with this short quiz. 

These stunners are from the jewelry store Unode50. A company that hails from Spain. They have kind of a rustic elegance that is refreshing. Durable, yet beautiful in design. 

Unode50's slogan, "Guilty of being me" speaks volumes. You want to wear things that scream your personality. Otherwise, what's the point? 

When it comes to fashion and you really want to find something different that speaks your name, look outside your normal retailers for unique and handmade jewelry. 

Silver plated rings are my ultimate favorite and unode50 specializes in this. Silver compliments me, but i also just find it prettier in general. I may be the minority!

I love jewelry that makes a statement. That lets my personality literally shine through metal and gems.

Look at some of the other gorgeous jewelry this store carries. They carry everything for both male and female. If you want to show your love for someone, the key to your heart bracelet is really cute and unique. Or what about a charm bracelet to show your personality,holding all your wishes like peace and harmony, in every little charm. 

What kind of jewelry makes your heart pitter patter? 

Source: Images from pixabay and Unode50
Special thanks to Unode50 for sponsoring this article.

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