Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Top 5 must have comfort essentials.

We all have our important essentials that we carry with us every day, but what's interesting is how ours differ from each other. For, me these 5 products are essential to keeping my life comfortable on the go.

1. Liners and pads- For those times when that certain something shows up unexpected or expected. U by Kotex light days liners are great for backup and I always keep some kind of liner in my purse. They're so light, It feels like nothing is on, except my comfy panties. Bonus: Out of the ordinary, but since pads are so absorbent, I have been known to soak up spills with them!

2. Tinted lipbalm with SPF-   Sunscreen is a huge part of my anti aging regiment and I don't leave my lips out of that equation.  I always wear lip balm with SPF to keep my lips soft and try to avoid damage from the sun.

3. Soap Sheets- These are such an awesome invention.  I have come across bathrooms without soap before, so I love these. Sometimes you really want to wash your hands  but you can't get to a bathroom, so use a water fountain or water bottle. Whatever gets the job done. You just wet the paper and rub it between your hands. Voila, soap suds. Way better than hand sanitizers, because soap kills a ton more bacteria. I do keep sanitizers for double the protection though. Especially during the Germ crazy months. I get my soap sheets at World Market. The scents are yummy. 

4. Perfume/Deodorant-   I always have back up deodorant and perfume roller. Especially in the summer, when I tend to sweat more. And I can never reapply enough perfume. Certain scents Like Paris Amour from Bath & Body Works, cheer me up. 

5. Gum- Because it's good exercise for the jawline, creates saliva for dry mouth, curves sweet cravings and it lasts longer than mints!

Of course there's more that I carry around in my seemingly Marry Poppins purse, but those are the most important essentials that I must have wherever I am. I feel lost and incomplete without them!

And now I Invite you to add to your comfort arsenal, by grabbing a free sample of U by Kotex light days liners! You can never have too many for backup! 


2 U by Kotex Curves® Liners
2 U by Kotex® Lightdays® Liners

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Fall into Neutrals with World Market this season.

Summer isn't over quite yet, but I have been feeling the Autumn bug ever since the end of July. I avidly await the cooler air, spicy scents, pumpkin spice everything and new decor for my living space. But let's face it, I started shopping for that a month ago. It's never too early to plan your decor theme.  In the summer, I am all about aquas and pinks, but when fall hits, I love different colors that always fall into the neutral and deep colors palette. So come fall into neutrals with me this season, through my Mood board, using some of my favorite World Market products from their new fall line!

I am in love with the clean lines, airy feel and unique shapes, such as the owl lamp and hexagonal accessories. This fall look has a very boho like charm, from the furry pouf ottoman to the elegant patterned pillows. The furniture is big, warm and inviting. With neutrals, you are left with a blank slate to play with a bunch of colors. I like pops of colors here and there and if you can't tell, i'm big on throw pillows to do that for me. With neutrals you can play around with your palette so much. These throw pillows from the new fall line are gorgeous and their designs pop. Don't be afraid to mix designs and materials. It will give your look dimension and character!

The products seen above: 

3. Patterned Pillows 

9. Solid Pillows:

This mood board was inspired by World Market's Fall line and has not been compensated for, but thoroughly enjoyed. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Preparing for Fall Semester? Sell your books and buy them easy!

Thanks to Campus Book Rentals for sponsoring this discussion. 

It's about that time to be preparing for that place with books and people who like to talk a lot. Oh yeah, school, college. Time to frantically sell the books you have and buy the books you need. Why struggle with this when you have enough to worry about, like getting all the supplies on your list? Pop that hangover pill and let's get started, shall we?