Sunday, November 1, 2015

5 things you should consider when refurbishing your bedroom.

The bedroom is a haven in the home; a place of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. If the decor needs
sprucing up and you’re looking to refurbish your bedroom space, it’s the ideal opportunity to turn
this humble room into a place of sanctuary with a fresh new look. So what are the important factors
you need to consider when sprucing up your little oasis? Here we will look at 5 essential things to
consider when you’re refurbishing the bedroom.

Your carpet

Carpet in the home can become worn down over time, leaving track marks in well-trodden areas
with the pile even starting to wear off if the damage is heavy. Old carpet is also a hiding place for
dust mites and their droppings, dropped hair and skin cells and trodden in dirt and dust over the

 A bedroom refurbishment is the perfect opportunity to give the room a face lift by deep cleaning or
replacing the carpet. A new, different texture or style of carpet can be a luxurious and beautiful
change to a room. But if your carpet isn’t quite work out yet, or you want to save your existing
carpet for continuity throughout the house, consider a deep carpet cleaning either by a professional
cleaning company or do-it –yourself, to really get at those old stains and caked in dirt.

Your mattress and pillows

While they are often hidden under your sheets and duvet, your mattress and pillows are two of the 
most important components of your bedroom, considering that an average person will spend 3000
hours on their mattress in one year. If your mattress and pillows haven’t been changed since last
time you refurbished (or since you moved in!) it might be time to take a look at their condition. The
life span of a mattress is generally 8 to 10 years, after which time the mattress tends to not function
the way it did when you first bought it, not providing enough support and showing signs of wear and
tear like sagging.

Over time a mattress collects sweat, skin cells, dust and dust mites (dead and alive) and should be
replaced, or at least cleaned and aired. It’s also important to have the right mattress to get a good
night’s sleep, so if you’re tossing and turning during the night, it might be a good idea to replace
your mattress in your bedroom overhaul as well. Pillows have a shorter life span than mattresses,
usually lasting 1.5-2 years before they start to lose functionality and become not so clean.

Your storage options

Nothing keeps a room clean and tidy like having adequate storage space to keep mess off the floor
or hanging on the furniture, and keep everything safely organised and stored away. There are so
many excellent options for storage in the bedroom that you can introduce during your
refurbishment, including chests, shoe racks, hanging closet organizers, and benches.
If you’re planning a bigger refurbishment or renovation, consider built-in closets to provide you with
ample storage options without losing valuable floor space in your bedroom. If you simply have too
much clutter in the bedroom, consider buying some water-resistant storage boxes to store your
beloved items in another area of the house, or to compress space taken up by stored soft items,
removing the air in vacuum packing.

Your partner

If you share your bedroom space with your partner, then you will want to consider their needs and
preferences when refurbishing the bedroom (or potentially live to regret it!). Sit down when you
have space and time to have a good discussion about what each of you would like for the bedroom
space, and what you think it possible given the time, resources and budget that you have. Make sure
to mention colour scheme, style, any new big purchases and any drastic changes, like completely
overhauling the decor from a light, airy and romantic style to a dark, sleek and modern look.
With both of you on the same page for style, purchases and timing, you can ensure a peaceful
refurbishment with a result you will both absolutely love.

Your decor 

When refurbishing the bedroom, it’s good to keep in mind the decor you’re leaving behind, and
what the style is in the rest of your house currently. Flicking through home magazines, doing some
online searches, visiting home wares stores, or even recruiting the professional help of an interior 
designer can help you to pinpoint what your design goals are for the bedroom, and how that will
integrate with the rest of the house.

There’s no reason why you can’t branch out and do something different, featuring the bedroom as a
unique space, but if the style is too incongruous it will upset the flow of the house and look  unplanned and messy.

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