Friday, October 30, 2015

Decorate for Halloween on a minuscule budget.

Halloween is the time where I kind of go a little bit crazy with my home decor and DIY project making. Heck, just when it turns fall is when the excitement begins, and i'm in Florida! Florida doesn't keep me from pretending that I'm back in the north inside my home though. I like to have balance and I loooove fall and holiday decor up until the new year.

This Halloween I got a major inspiration bug and decided to dress up my whole home on a very minuscule budget. I didn't even realize how much I had saved up through the years, with the help of clearance sales.  Always stalk your clearance racks and aisles, because you can get so much for budget friendly prices to use the following holidays. I think you'll be surprised by what I have accumulated for just a few dollars over the years and just this year. I went to Dollar tree and was blown away by the quality of fall and Halloween decor for the price!

For my office area I literally spent $5 at the Dollar Tree, for the bat, spooky cat, garland of leaves and solar Halloween figures. They sway like they're dancing when sunlight hits them. I can never resist buying these cute things.  $5 and it looks like I spent at least $10 or more from an arts and crafts store. You'll notice a theme with bats and cats. It's my thing this year.

For my bedroom, I went all out. Look at those little ghosts. It would have costed me more to make them, than to just buy them, and they are beyond adorable!  Those and  the spooky cat cutouts are from the Dollar Tree. As well as the green eyed over sized spook cat hanging in the corner, the pumpkin, the spooky tree tissue box, the black roses with purple spider, the black spiders, spider web electric candle and skull streamer! The remaining products are from all over that I have collected through the years. A lot of which are from World Market and still available in stores. Such as the spooky candelabra, owl, crystal spiders, white and bleeding candles! The adorable bat pillow is a favorite of mine that I purchased from Target on clearance a few years ago. I think it was $5 marked off 75%. Really stalk those clearances! It's never too early to wake up and go to the clearance section the morning after Halloween. This year I spent $7 on my room for the additions and $5 for the living room. A total of only $12!

The headless, arm less mannequin is not a part of the decor, but funnily enough fitting for the Halloween scheme.

The Dollar Tree  items are definitely durable enough to last a few years or more. Items go so fast at my closest Dollar Tree though. You have to be quick. They have really stepped it up in quality and design in the last couple of years. You can find amazing things on their own or spend more money on other products, but find the perfect finishing touches to go that extra mile.


For the flower vase, I thought it would be perfect to use the other half of the container that holds my new BH cosmetics brushes. Score! The perfect stripey black addition to my Halloween decor. It's like it was made for my room. (Wait for their sales to get these super cheap, like I did!) The cat tealight holders and hanging bat tea light holder were purchased on clearance from Party Light and I absolutely adore them!

I just love my Jack Skellington bobble head doll. Snagged it on clearance for $5 at Barnes and Nobles one year! So much of my things were found on clearance and later used in the coming years.

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