Wednesday, October 28, 2015

DIY Halloween Owl Luminary. Made with Dollar Tree Items.

So, Fall and Halloween is when I go a little bit bonkers with DIY home decor. I seem to have to surround myself in sunflowers, leaves, candles and creatures of the night. My favorite things that scream fall. Owls have to be one of the most mysteriously exquisite creatures out there and I love them so. This is why I centered my Halloween luminary around this beautiful animal. 

I was perusing my Pinterest as per usual, and came across this lovely photograph luminary. I thought omg, this is great. I need to put a Halloween twist on it. So I did things a little different and I think it turned out nice. Instead of wrapping a picture around the whole jar, I did a backdrop of the spooky owl, surrounded by leaves and flowers, to make it look almost like a tertiary. I love how this looks illuminated. This was so incredibly easy to do and will take no time at all. You can definitely get your kids involved as well. 

Items needed: 

  • Dollar Tree double sided tape
  • Dollar tree black roses - about 3 
  • Dollar Tree leaves - about 6 
  • Dollar Tree pack of cut out owls or other favorite creature 
(OR, if you want to save money, just print out a picture of an owl and cut it out. Leave it the way it is or paint it black and cut out the eyes!) 

  • Dollar Tree orange ribbon
  • Dollar tree electric tea lights
  • Large Dollar tree glass candle holder or any large jar. I used a glass kitchen jar from World Market for just $10, but I already had it on hand. You can also use a large mason jar or candle holder! 

You don't even need glue!

Total for the project would be $16 or if you have the jar, it will be just $6! For me, I paid $4, because I had almost everything lying around.


1. Take your glass jar and carefully place a few pieces of double sided tape on the backside of the owl cut out. Then carefully tape it into the back of the jar, so that the ears hit the bottom of the jar rim. 

2. Now you are going strategically place 3 black roses. One on the left and one on the right. Then one in the back in front of the owl. I also added some of the leaves to the front to cover more of the tealight candle. 

3. Next, place your leaves the same way or the way you think looks good. 

Placing the flowers and leaves in the jar can be tedious. Take your time to make sure the placement is the way you want it. If you want, you can glue or tape  the leaves and flowers to the jar if it makes it easier. 

4. Lastly, turn your tealight on and place it directly in the middle. Then take the ribbon and tie it around the rim of the jar to make a bow. And you're done! So Easy. 

My little owl kinda looks like he's wearing a spiffy bow tie! 
Apothecary jar from World Market
Fall flowers and vase from Dollar Tree. 

You can leave the top on or off. I found that the design was much easier to see with the top left off. Place on a high book shelf or window sill that gets lots of light or an end table on top of some stacked books, like I did. That is where I got the best light and angle. play around and where it looks best! Enjoy! 

This post abides by FTC rules. I was in no way compensated for this DIY tutorial.

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