Tuesday, November 10, 2015

5 ways to spot a Fake Designer Prom Dress Seller.

Discover the 5 ways you can tell when a seller is trying to sell you a fake designer prom dress. 

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Don't be duped by a Fake Designer prom dress seller. It's been happening a lot and it even made it to the news earlier this year. The news channels issued a warning for teenagers seeking their perfect prom dress.

Sadly, people have seen the opportunity to ripping teens off by selling fake designer prom dresses. There are so many of these sites floating on the web. The clever thing about these types of sites is that everything is made to look authentic. Right down from the photos to the descriptions, the consumer is led to believe they are buying the real deal at a decent price.

It targets those looking for a good deal and a beautiful designer dress. However many students have sadly fallen down this trap and as soon as the dress arrives its plain to see it’s a counterfeit. As the government works on shutting these websites down, it’s important you get clued up. When searching for prom dresses online, there are certain signs you can look for to ensure you don’t get a fake. So don’t be fooled! Just because the price tag looks enticing, if it’s an unknown source you are purchasing from you need to do checks before parting with your money.

It’s a relief to know however, there are still plenty of reputable prom dress online stores out there. For example, you can pick up one of a kind Sherri Hill prom dresses at Prom Dress Shop! This retailer is a verified supplier of designer dresses that has an official C.O.M.O.D.O authentic and secure stamp to prove it. So whenever you do find a dress you love, check the site thoroughly to see it has reliable credentials.

It can be hard to tell real from fake on a computer screen, so we have collected the top 5 tips on how to differentiate the designer from the bogus. 

   Check them out: 
  •  Price tag -If the price is unbelievably good for a designer prom dress, you know it’s a fake. Normally things that are too good to be true are not true. So if there are crazy 50 % discounts being thrown left right and center, this should raise a red flag in your mind. Always be aware that the designer ultimately makes up the prom dress price. Any reputable retailer therefore is required to sell the dress at the recommended retail price.
  •   Do not rely on photos - Even copyrighted photos can be easily grabbed from official websites and made to look authentic on a fake website. So don’t be fooled. As you know, looks can be deceiving! If you want to buy from an authentic online store or don’t want the hassle of going in shops, you can get home delivery or pick up instore with the Prom Dress Shop. 
  •  Make sure the site is credible - As we mentioned before, there should be a seal of approval from an official body that gives you confidence you are not being scammed. Having an active seal of approval from Paypal or an active SSL certificate is always a good sign.
  •  Is the contact information from the US? - If the contact details are international, you need to exercise caution immediately. If you want reassurance on where you are buying from is legitimate, you simply need to go to the official designer’s website. Then look for the ‘where to buy’ section and see if the site is listed.
  • How they ship - If it’s a fake Chinese site, they will often send you the dress as a ‘gift’. This cuts out shipping costs and avoids detection at customs. It’s a tell-tale sign that where you are buying from is trying to cheat the system and cheat you.

Now that you are clued up on what to look for to buy authentic designer prom dresses, we wish you the best of luck in your search! Always bear these points in mind and you will find the prom dress of your dreams from a reliable source.

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