Thursday, November 17, 2016

3 ways to show yourself some love.

Three Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

The older you get, the faster life seems to go. With each passing day, there are more obligations to fulfill, more relationships to nurture, and more ideas to juggle. While there is a wonderful side to it all, it can also leave you feeling run down and stressed.

With the holidays approaching at lightning speed, it is not likely that your life is going to slow down anytime soon. You might feel like collapsing under the weight of all your responsibilities. Instead of throwing in the towel, however, consider taking some time once a week to indulge in one of these self-care activities.

1. Write in a Journal

Self-reflection is not only a useful tool for unwinding from daily stresses, but it also helps you come to a better understanding of yourself and how you fit into your world. The best way to consistently engage in self-reflection is to keep a journal. In an actual paper journal. Why? Because the act of writing in itself helps jog thoughts and ideas. It's also nice to have something tangible before sleep at night and it will deter you from your phone or computer. You might even get a better nights sleep! All you have to do is find some methods that work for you and engage in them at regular intervals.

For example, if you are a list-maker, write five high points and five low points for each week, with a concluding paragraph about the greater significance of those moments. If you are having difficulty thinking clearly about your current troubles, try free-writing about them in thirty-minute stretches to see if clarity emerges. For some extra writing motivation, try investing in a gorgeous journal such as these unique beauties. I love the Tardis journal! 

2. Get a hot new outfit for a night out.

If you have been working and rushing nonstop, then it is time to schedule a break in the action for a fun night out with your favorite people. Try to avoid your usual haunts and make some memories instead. If you normally go to a certain restaurant, ask your friends if they would be up for trying somewhere new. Even if you stick with a familiar environment, order a dish or drink you would not normally try. Remember, your goal is to disrupt the stressful monotony and refresh your outlook on life.
Of course, a special night calls for a special outfit and you need a confidence boost. Stop listening to the voice in your head that tells you those styles you love are for other people, but not for you. Pick out a daring pair ofheels and a killer dress to go with them. You will be proud of yourself for making the leap, and you will have a stunning outfit waiting in your closet when it is time for another big night.

3. Have a Spa Night

When life gets busy, personal grooming is one of the first habits that takes a hit. Even if you are still attending to basic hygiene, you may have let bigger tasks like skin treatments and pedicures fall by the wayside. Most people do not have time to engage in these activities every day in any circumstances, but if you are particularly stressed, you have good reason to let them back into your life.
Carve out some extra time one evening to give yourself a spa night. Before the appointed hour rolls around, make yourself a special homemadescrub. Spa night is not the time to rush through your shower and scramble off to answer emails. Instead, draw yourself a warm bath and grab a book you have been meaning to read. After a relaxing soak in the tub, you can put on a facemask, give yourself a pedicure, and comb every last tangle out of your hair. When you have dried off, put on comfortable pajamas and go to bed—no screens allowed.

Take Time to Take Care

These three self-love rituals are just a few of many ways to refresh and relax on a regular basis. You could also go for a run, bake and eat some cookies, or snuggle with your cat. The possibilities are almost endless. What is not endless is your capacity for handling stress.

Taking the time to care for yourself is not just another chore to scribble off your list. Pulling yourself out of the cycle of stress at regular intervals is essential to leading a balanced, happy life. With a rejuvenated mind, body, and spirit, you will be infinitely more capable of conquering your current challenges and taking on new ones. So buy a journal, strap on some new heels, or whip up a scrub. Before long, you will feel your stresses slipping away and your sanity returning.

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