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The scientifically proven anti-aging regimen.

Since embarking on a journey to clearer and more youthful skin about 8 years ago, I realized a lot of do's and don'ts in that time frame.
The biggest realization of all? Less is better, simple is better. You only really need just a few products to combat the signs of aging.
The most important things to concentrate on are sun protection, moisture, exfoliating dead skin cells, either topically or with a spin brush. As well as two ingredients that are proven to help combat skin aging, and even get rid of some of the tell tale signs of age you already have. Those two ingredients are hyaluronic acid and retinol. That's it. Stick to a regimen of this and you have a fighting chance to beat mother nature at her game. For a while, at least. We are lucky to have what we have and the generations to come are going to be even luckier. Genes always play a part, but you definitely have the power to combat signs on your own and you can do it on a limited budget. Anti aging doesn't require you to break the bank, as others may have you believe.

  Sun Protection 
Beautiful Incentives

I love a good sun hat, but how is it doable with every outfit? Sometimes I like to show the top of my head. It's a nice head. I like my head. For the times, you can't or don't want to wear a sun hat, you're going to want to use a sunscreen. Yeah, I know you know. I know that you know I know you know. It's just that, amazingly, most people don't know how much to use. You need at least an spf 30 or higher, but you need to use a good amount. My favorite sunscreen products come from Paula's Choice, a line designed by a proven skin expert. As well as CeraVe and Timeless.

 I will use Paula's advice on how much to apply. She says that dermatologist's recommend about ½ tspn for the face and a shot glass full for the body. Your mileage may vary obviously. Some people are smaller or bigger than others, but you get the overall gist. Wear that sunscreen. Even when you are inside. Those rays will find you. If you are worried about not getting enough Vitamin D from the sun, take heed, you can always and I do recommend this, go out in the sun for 15-20 min a few times a week, without sunscreen. The little exposure is worth the risk of potential damage, as Vitamin D is just as important for a healthy body and anti-aging. Balance is key.

 Exfoliation (Topical)

The most popular and tried and true exfoliates are Alphahydroxy and betahydroxy, natural acids. AHA comes from fruits, milks and sugars. BHA comes from salicylic acid usually, which is derived from the bark of willow trees. Both these acids help to get rid of dead skin cells to reveal the new youthful skin underneath. They are also commonly used to treat pigmentation and acne. They do this by unplugging clogged hair follicles and preventing the excess of sebum. My brand of choice for these treatments is also within the realm of Paula's Choice.

AHA and BHA come with small side effects for some, a little peeling and redness at initial treatment. It is important to use sunscreen diligently, as it does make you more sensitive to the sun and sunburns.

Exfoliation Tools


You can use topical exfoliation and/or tools like a facial exfoliation spin brush to slough off dead skin cells, cause skin rejuvenation and reveal a brighter more youthful complexion. It can also be used on the body. I choose to use both. There is something about the spinning brush that feels like it's getting my face extra clean deep down into the pores. My face also feels like it's getting a nice massage. It's very relaxing for me, as I have sore facial muscles from tmj. My skin is also so baby soft afterward. Take 70% off Vanity Planet’s Spin For Perfect Skin with my code ‘BeautifulIncentives70’ on



 I make sure to use a moisturizer with the proven benefits of Hyaluronic acid, such as CeraVe  creams and sunscreens, and retinol. CeraVe and Paula's Choice are my all time favorite brands and my wallet loves them too. If you haven't already figured out.

Important Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid: We make our own Hyaluronic acid, but when it comes in creams and serums, it gives us the added benefit of anti-aging. This acid is responsible for the body's lubricant in our skin, joints, and the immune system, among other places. It is commonly used in skin fillers and lip injections. As a topical, it basically helps keep the face very moisturized and dewy. Giving the appearance of more youthful skin.

Retinol: I'm sure you've heard all the wonderful things retin-a can do for you. Well, retinol is the main ingredient in that and many other non- prescription serums and cream. You can get many tried and true products over the counter without having to break the bank now. In the past , this definitely wasn't the case.

Retinol is essentially Vitamin A and this is a cell communicator. This cream is pretty much a miracle for us. Some of us need lower dosages, due to sensitive skin. Others tolerate higher concentrations. Regardless of the dosage, it's all beneficial in the long run. I opted for a moisturizer with retinol added into it. I plan to switch to Retin-A soon.

Retinol interrupts the aging process of skin cells. It literally attaches itself to aging skin cells and helps to regenerate them. This repairs the every day wear and tear the sun's UV rays cause. This in turn improves our collagen and while it exfoliates and gets rid of dead skin for new skin to grow in it's place, it in turn gets rid of sunspots and other signs of aging. However, It does not improve the loss of elastin.

Retinol does not come without side effects, which are usually gone within a few weeks. You'll experience one or all of the following; increase in sensitivity to the sun, peeling, redness, and flaking. The benefits outweigh the cons for most people, but sun screen is IMPERATIVE when using retinol.

Having used this regimen faithfully even later in life, I started at around 30, I seem to have turned back the time. I think genes play a part, but I'm pretty sure science helped too, given how much I have frolicked in the sun without protection. I'm never pegged near my actual age and that's good enough for me. I'm not going to stop to find out it was working more than I thought. Does a part of me wish I started earlier? Of course!

Now, someone please invent a hair cream or pill that keeps the grays away! Sure, that whole all gray trend looks good in your 20's, but pretty much EVERYTHING looks good in your 20's.


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