Thursday, September 28, 2017

Top 10 Halloween Tablescape picks of 2017 at Cost Plus World Market + Win Gift Cards!

I am part of the World Market Tribe and this post has been sponsored by World Market. All opinions are 100% my own. 

 It's that time again, when I go a little bit bonkers with my home decor and making house beautiful with everything...dead.

 Yes, It's Halloween and my place legitimately looks like a burial ground, but it's a beautiful sparkly magic one with zombies that only eat the brains of bad people. So, you should enjoy it.

My utmost favorite part of Halloween entertaining is creating a big tablescape with a focal point that really stands out. This year, I used my Candelabra from World Market and other awesome goodies to set the mood.

Feast your Halloween hungry eyes on My top 10 pics for the ultimate Halloween Tablescape. Whether it be for a party or just because, they are all stunning pieces.

Get the look: 
  • Place the spider web cover over the table.
  •  In order to create a perfect balanced tablescape, you need a focal point. For this particular one, I chose the candelabra. It stands out and sets the style for the rest of the table, which is a sort of fancy yet fun baroque look. 
  • Then build from there with similar coordinating products of color and design that complement the candelabra. Use the biggest items like the skull wine holder and place next to this focal point
  • Now work your way out from big in the middle and small on the outside. So, place the skull flowers into a vase of your choice. Next to the Skull wine holder. Then place the Couldron after that, or on the other side of the candelbara, to break up the bulkiness of the items. 
  • Once you have your main look, you can play with the setting, but I always leave the largest items in the middle to balance the look.
  • Now take the two sided "More boos please" disposable napkins and flip to the boos side. Put those under the black wine glasses. 
  • Then place the baroque plates down. Take the extras of those napkins orange chevron side up and place next to the plates with silverware on top. This is a cute way to make the most of both napkin sides and add more pops of color. 
  • Place wine bottles in the cauldron cooler next to the candelabra and some of the wine in the skull dispenser. 
  • Lastly, place the gold skeleton hand bowl and plate on the ends with all the appetizers etc being served. 

These products make for such elegant, yet fun Halloween decorations.  Best of all, this can be done on an affordable budget!

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Easily shop the looks you love from today, below.

Black Iron Candelabra  -  Black Daisy Stems with skulls (set of 4)  -  More Boos Please Beverage Napkins 20 Count  - Glass Skull Drink Dispenser  -  Witch's Brew Ceramic Cauldron Wine Chiller  -  Black Glass Stemless Wine Glasses Set Of 4  -  Spider Web Lace Tablecloth  -  Gold Skeleton Hands Ceramic Candy Bowl  -  Black And Gold Skeleton Platter  -  Matte Black Baroque Melamine Plates Set Of 6

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