Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My cat gets a children's mat, because I say so. #spoiledpets

So, Squishy mats reached out and I thought, why not. I have a furbaby. Why can't she be spoiled with a squishy mat? Why can't she have all the things human kids have. She steals my food like a kid, sleeps on me like a kid, whines like a kid. The only thing different is she scratches like a monster. But hek, even kids do that at times. Nothing makes her much different from a kid, so she should get kid things. Your pet is going to steal this if you buy it for your kid anyway. 

I plopped this guy down on the ground and she was on it like pee on her territory, within seconds. Thankfully she didn't actually pee, but that's just because she knows she already owns everything and doesn't need to mark it.  

The tester fell asleep, so the interview could not finish being conducted, but I think that the verdict is clear, she loves this thing. I enjoy it too. In fact, I ended up almost falling asleep beside her. This thing is very soft, thick, quite big and definitely squishy. When you put your hand's weight on it and take it off, you'll see the hand print, so that tells you how much it sinks in like memory foam should. 

This cat has so many things, why not another one. She pretty much has a bed for every corner at this point. #Spoiledpets

Squishy mats carries a variety of mats in different sizes for all pets and kids.

Squishy Mats contain almost one inch of Memory Foam.

She got the 3X3, which is the little squishy. It's perfect for travel, as it folds up with a little handle for easy carrying and storage. It is also a cinch to wash! Save 20% off your Squishy mat today, by using code "SQUISHYMATS"

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