Sunday, May 20, 2018

Plus size shouldn't wear stripes?

I kind of have a huge thing for stripes. Especially Striped Dresses.So no stupid old wives tale is going to make me give them up, just because I gained some extra weight. I remember growing up, when I was barely chubby and my mom made it known every day. Being the old skool fashion guru she thought she was, she would tell me that stripes were bad for my body. That they accentuated what was already fat. Especially horizontal. I listened to her for years and it wasn't till I was out of college and developed my own sense of style that I realized, wow, stripes look awesome. What was she talking about? Yes, if you wear them without shape, it stands to reason that stripes can make you look bigger the way it draws your eyes outward. We want to draw eyes inward. Just take a look at the above pics of these beautiful women proving just that.

Stripes don't make you fat when you draw the eyes inward at your slimmest. In fact, they accentuate that slender area, as they bring attention to it. Take for instance this striped dress with pockets i'm wearing. Oh how I love pockets. The pockets bring out my hips a tad more, but the way the waist goes in and how it hugs the arms, it draw enough attention from that. The lines of the stripes also get shorter as you go go down, because the sides are slit to give it more style. This slenderizes the wideness the pockets create and gives it a sexy appeal.

This A-line cut striped dress is much different, but still just as flattering. You'll see that the arms are longer, the waist isn't broken up and the cut is wider, but very slim throughout the upper half. It hugs just right all along the arms and torso so that everything comes in and the flair out at the bottom accentuates the smaller waist. When dresses are tight, make sure that  your boobs or arms aren't distorting them out of shape. That's not a pretty look and that will definitely make you look less slim. 

 Striped dresses are a timeless classy look. Pair with tennies, flip flops or heels and you are so good to go Spring and summer!

And hey, if you want to rock the stripes without breaking up the waist, it's not a crime. Don't let the yee old fashion police stop you! Stripes are fun and you should have fun with them! 

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