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Health food, vitamins & more

Vitacost This place is nothing short of awesome when it comes to buying healthy food, supplements, vitamins, and a whole lot more. I buy from them at least once a month. My favorite products are the vitacost b12 sublingual, gluten free snacks, raw honey, organic coconut oil and pure black cherry juice. The greatest thing about this place is that you earn an instant $10 from every referral, AND that referral gets $10 as well. It's a win win. They have amazingly cheap, unbeatable prices, frequent free shipping and b1g1 free offers. Don't pass up such easy and free money!

Clothing & Accessories

 Ten Thousand Villages-A Fair Trade Dealer - These items are made by skilled artisans in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Every purchase goes toward helping the disadvantaged artists.

I frequent their clearance section and always find the most unique, amazing, handcrafted items. I'm positive you'll find things you've never seen before.

You can also follow the organization at their Facebook page: Ten Thousand Villages They always feature really interesting videos of the artisans at work on the things you see in the store.

599fashion.com/  You can find quality things as cheap as $5.99.

Cosmetic chemicals & Controversial topics

The Shelf life of all makeup You'll be surprised!

Beauty Brains Learn about the chemicals in the makeup, hair, and skin products you use every day, straight from a chemist's brain first hand. You'd be surprised at how many proclaimed "natural" ingredients are more harmful or no better than man made chemicals. Knowledge is power.

Skin Deep - Look up and find out about what's in your makeup. Do research before you go to the store. Find the harmful chemicals and possible causes to your rosacea, acne, dermatitis and other skin issues. It could very well be in the product you use.

PETA's Listsof NON-Animal testing/Cruelty free & their Nemesis. I don't agree with all their crazy shenanigans, but they carry invaluable cold, hard, facts. A great source of information is had here. Read my latest article on Cruelty Free Makeup.

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